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OCT 07

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"@Bund: Sorry. Nuclear reactors over our heads is not going to "fly". L..."

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Electric Plane Flies 200 Miles in Two Hours, Wins NASA Challenge

Pipistrel-USA, a team from Pennsylvania has won the NASA CAFE Green Flight Challenge by flying an electric plane 200 miles in less than two hours.

The Google-sponsored contest was created to spur development of electric airplanes and cialis generic drug efficient aircraft designs and with a first-place prize of $1.35 million, it could very well succeed at that.

The contest took place at the good choice cheap cialis canada Sonoma County Airport in California and required entrants to fly 200 miles in two hours while using less than one gallon of fuel per occupant or the electricity equivalent. Pipistrel-USA's plane, the Taurus G4, had two occupants and used less than a two-gallon equivalent of viagra and women electricity.  Check out the video above of a flight demonstration of the Taurus G4.

Both the winning Pipistrel-USA and the second place team flew electric airplanes. Only three teams out of 14 that registered met the contest's requirements.

via Wall Street Journal


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written by Bund, October 08, 2011
I wonder why feats always seek to misrepresent the purchase viagra in budapest magnitude of the achievement. I suppose it makes for better PR copy.

What they fail to say is that a conventionally powered ultra-light plane of the same size could easily carry a fuel payload of many gallons, not merely '2 gallons equivalent'.

The only way to truly improve the energy efficiency of generic levitra next day delivery aircraft is to radically change the propulsion system. Batteries are never going to make the grade, the only practical low cost power plant is a small thorium reactor driving a closed loop ammonia turbine which drives a gearbox which drives the propellors.
written by alf, October 10, 2011
@bund Dude, it was a contest with prize money. Either enter the contest or STFU. (BTW: Lobbyists for the nuclear industry are the most annoying people on the planet).
Nuclear reactors over our heads ?
written by hyperspaced, October 14, 2011
@Bund: Sorry. Nuclear reactors over our heads is not going to "fly". Let it be as safe as it can, it will never have public acceptance.

If something "green" is going to fly is with hydrogen fuel cells, perhaps in 50 years.

UNTIL THEN: This effort is AMAZING. I only wish prizes were much bigger to motivate more talented people.

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