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JAN 24

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"I really agree with SilenceIsGolden .As a EcoGeek folks ,we pay more a..."

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GE Gives London's Tower Bridge the LED Treatment

We love seeing the world's architectural icons retrofitted to become more energy efficient, especially when they're major energy hogs like skyscrapers and huge bridges.  Now we have another icon to add to that list.

As part of GE's Ecomagination initiative and in time for this summer's Olympic games, London's Tower Bridge will be given a green lighting makeover, switching out the street and artistic lighting for more efficient LEDs.

GE is teaming up with London's City Hall, City of London Corporation and EDF to complete the new installations. GE is replacing the existing street lighting with LEDs and more efficient floodlights, which will result in a 45 percent decrease in energy use.  For the artistic lighting on the upper level of cialis shipping the bridge, GE is replacing the current neon lighting with its more energy efficient Tetra Contour Cable to light up the towers in multiple colors for the games. LED projector lights will also be installed.

The new artistic lighting system willl use 40 percent less energy than the previous lighting system.

via GE
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written by Hunder, January 25, 2012
It is a pity that an American company is involved in this project. There are English companies with higher levels of ethics and competence which should have been chosen in preference.
written by SilenceIsGolden, January 26, 2012
Happy! I don't care which company does it. Who knows - maybe that way they can get places in the online levitra prescriptions US retrofit, by expanding their portfolio.

You EcoGeek folks deserve a big hug for collecting all these news bits -- whenever I feel down and like the world is surely not savable, I come here and see that all hope's not yet lost. Thank you!
written by lightingpro, February 09, 2012
I really agree with SilenceIsGolden .As a EcoGeek folks ,we pay more attention to the news that LED technology and just try! online levitra cheap products are using more and more widely .This is when will cialis be available as a generic a progress of human !

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