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MAR 07

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"Its good to know that LED's prices are going down, people who cannot a..."

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Cree LED Light Bulb Hits Milestone Price Point

Several years ago, the $10 level was a turning point for the widespread adoption of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). Once the bulbs were priced that low, people were willing to take a chance to try one or two and viagra where to buy see how they liked them and how they performed. Now, the same point has been reached in the development of LED lights.

A couple of years ago, 60-watt equivalent LED bulbs were priced around $30 to $40, and a couple years before that, they were closer to $100. Now, Cree is offering three LED bulbs with a price close to cialis uk $10 (though only one of the three is actually under $10 retail price).

Cree is offering three different LED bulbs: a warm white 60-watt replacement, a daylight 60-watt replacement, and a warm white 40-watt replacement. These bulbs have the performance we've come to expect from LEDs, with a 25,000 hour lifespan rating and use only about 15% of the energy used by and equivalent incandescent bulb.

The Cree bulbs also have a "normal" looking package as compared to the now-familiar curly CFL. These LED bulbs also have a coated glass bulb, rather than a plastic covering like many other LEDs have had. Although the LED bulbs are not drastically more efficient than CFLs, the LED bulbs are also instant-on and are dimmable, which are features many CFLs do not have.

Cree is rolling out a selection of slogans to try to promote these bulbs, including "The Biggest Thing Since the Light Bulb," and "Its non-weird shape emits non-weird light." The company also is touting the below $10 price, although both of the 60-watt equivalents are priced somewhat higher. Nevertheless, this is still a big move in the lighting market.

Hat tip: Studio Z

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No more CFLs!!!
written by Luke P, March 07, 2013
This is awesome! Until now, I thought that the canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer CFL's were a necessary evil, and the best thing we had to replace incandescent lighting. I always thought I would just have to put up with their washed-out color (although some have gotten better), and their imposed health risks. It's such a relief that LED's, which are far more efficient, safe, and versatile, are finally cheap enough to become a contender!
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$10 price point is not news
written by lance, March 08, 2013
always good to see prices getting lower, but the $10 price level for a 40w equiv LED bulb has already been reached by home depot ecosmart LED and its been like that for many months as far as i can remember. I think the same goes for the one sold at lowes too...
Cool related info-graphic
written by Kev, March 08, 2013
Hi there,

I'd just like to link people to a cool infographic I saw a while back that compares incandescent, CFL and LED lighting.

Particular points of discount buy viagra interest are that CFL's contain toxic mercury levels, have a higher carbon dioxide emission rate and cost more to run than do LED's.

love the CREE
written by Leo, March 09, 2013
what took the so long?? I've been using CFL, ecosmart and G7 900lumen LED bulb for months, and i detest the yellowness of edison bulbs. Cree is best in the world, an excellent price and buy levitra online without a prescription MADE IN AMERICA, HELL YEAH! I WILLBE AT HOME DEPOT, get me some!
written by Kol Drake, March 10, 2013
Every time I see a new article about CFLs, I recall what one researcher stated. If we converted all the buy cialis online canada lights in all the parking lots across the country to solar powered unit with rechargeable battery capability -- it would save MORE electricity then changing every bloody light bulb in every home in America. Cheaper CFLs are nice but still seem like a wrong way to 'go' for trying to super active cialis curb electricity hungry areas.
written by Bill, March 13, 2013
Agree completely.

I try to limit my light usage to the room I am in anyway. The amount of energy that I am using compared to one streetlight, that is on cheapest generic viagra cialis pills form dusk until dawn, is minimal.

Imagine how much could be saved in just transforming street lights into LEDs. As well as reducing the light pollution in a city such as Chicago. There are numerous benefits.
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Led light
written by Jennifer, April 10, 2013
LED lighting is gaining wide popularity these days. You'll see LED flood lights in outdoors and LED tube lights in indoors at almost every place you visit. This is basically because of the energy saving feature of these LED lights which is encouraging their use. Also, these lights create a soothing effect in the environment which is why it is being liked by people.
I think the prices will continue to drop down if the popularity grows like this or no alternative comes to the market.

These Cree bulbs almost as good as the L-Prize Philips
written by Dave R, April 22, 2013
These new Cree bulbs are almost as good as the L-Prize Philips bulbs and look much more "normal" in an open enclosure.

My testing shows that these are about 10-30% more efficient than the CFL equivalent while generating better light than the CFL.

The "60W" soft-white Cree draws 10W while the equivalent CFL draws 11-13W. The "40W" Cree draws 6W while the equivalent CFL draws 8-9W.

Not quite good enough to justify the tramadol cheap no prescription replacement of functional CFLs, but good enough to replace dead CFLs with Cree bulbs.

The instant on and being dimmable is another plus as well.
Nice LED
written by Jim Tam, May 03, 2013
LED light as long life span and high lumen efficiency can with 60% energy saving, one day CFL would be replaced all and missed. Love CREE, love LED and love technology.
Cabinet Maker
written by Ryan Chappell, July 16, 2013
Everyone should try this test. Hang out in a room at night with a good CFL, then try an LED then an incandescent and pay attention to the way it makes you feel not just how the light looks. After this test it will be hard to make arguments about energy savings. The CFL light quality sucks and is we recommend viagra fast delivery not an option in my honest opinion. Even the very high end CFLs with a high CRI rating is unacceptable. Just makes you feel like crap and you don't even realize it. I think its the high frequency that runs the bulb. LEDs in contrast convert AC to DC so the light comes from a steady current instead of a super high frequency power source such as 30,000hz so no wonder they are more soothing. Compared to the energy cost of buy cheap cialis online an incandescent and the better lifespan the LED is a no brainer, at least with 2013 prices.
written by Eric, July 23, 2013
For around $10, i think these LED light bulbs offer incredible value, just beware that some complained these LED bulbs are not entirely omni-directional (there is a dark spot on the levitra low price center of the light bulb when lit)
written by Joy Brooki, September 04, 2013
Wow, Amazing i've never imagined that LED bulbs will be that cheap one day cree is providing very good quality bulb and LED are brightest one's. thanks for sharing this.
Light Bulb
written by Light Bulb, October 17, 2013
That's cool smilies/smiley.gif. Lower prices better conditions of life. Light bulbs will change the world.
written by Jim Kadel, March 08, 2014
Although practically "instant on", the LED bulb does exhibit a slight {perhaps 0.6 sec} delay in turning on, after the light switch is thrown. Being used to cheap 25mg viagra the "instant on" of a filament bulb, this delay may be somewhat disconcerting to the new user. :>}
written by Jean Wray, March 10, 2014
Yes it is true that in past when the florecent lights introduced in market at high price no one willed to buy that, same as situation here no one willing to buy the led lights products because of its introducing price but it is so less energy consuming and eco friendly which is profitable.
good news
written by cher, June 08, 2014
Its good to know that LED's prices are going down, people who cannot afford to buy LED n the past will be able to have it now, good for them because they deserve the savings more those who can afford them.

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