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NOV 21

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"In Australia almost all intestate cargo is done by trucks each with 3 ..."

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Making Tractor Trailers More Fuel Efficient

Sixty-eight percent of all goods in the United States spend some of their journey across the country stored on tractor trailers attached to viagra in britain a tractor. With the average semi-trailer truck getting about 5.6 miles per gallon of diesel, however, tractor trailers take an immense amount of fuel to transport. It’s not simply the weight of levitra pfizer 50 mg the materials on pfizer levitra canada board causing this low MPG, either--the boxy tractor trailer isn’t exactly areodynamic.

Addressing this problem, Advanced Transit Dynamics (ATDynamics) produces TrailerTails, which are designed to make the bulky tractor trailer more areodynamic and cheap soft tab viagra thus more fuel efficient when pulled by the cheap levitra canada tractor. Attached to the back of a trailer, they fold out, almost like extensions of the trailer’s walls. Saving about 3 cents profit per mile when deployed, most trucking companies make back their investment in under a year, according to the company. The environmental boon seems sizable, too: each TrailerTail, when used at highway speeds for 50,000 miles for a year, is effectively like removing an average passenger car from the road for a year.

With that much CO2 reduction possible, this statistic reveals more about the immense inefficiency of trailer trucks than the net environmental-boost TrailerTails provide. But given that tractor trailers are such a mainstay of goods transportation in the U.S., this technology seems a step in the right direction in an area that demands significant improvement.

image credit: ATDYNAMICS, INC.

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written by Captain Black, November 21, 2013
Every little thing that can save fuel and of course the nature is welcomed.
written by proftournesol, November 28, 2013
putting much of those container loads onto rail would be even more efficient
Carry auxiliary fuel in trailer
written by Eric, November 30, 2013
The amount of diesel fuel used by trucks could be reduced by slightly adding to the length of the trailer to incorporate na area to carry coal powder. The coal powder can be burned to create steam to viagrabest viagra drive turbines to create electricity for the prime mover.
written by Edinburgh car service, December 09, 2013
Is this gonna really work well ? I believe that designing more aerodynamic shape is not as important as searching more effective fuels or trying to reduce their usage. It is more significant.
written by Kalirren, December 12, 2013
Investing in improved transportation infrastructure and improving the buy viagra in canada use of existing transportation infrastructure are complementary approaches that can and should be pursued simultaneously - especially when different people/businesses/governments have incentive to invest in these different approaches.

Besides, it's not as if just because you put a shipment of goods on rail, you prevent it from being later put on a truck. Rail transport can substitute for long-distance truck freight, but there's still going to be plenty of highway-speed driving to move goods to and from rail depots.
written by Nick, December 19, 2013
When compared to a car per ton they are efficient.

40 tons getting 5 mpg is very good site viagra sales uk way better than 2 tons getting 30mpg.
snowblower parts
written by kolllade, December 19, 2013
That's good. But I am a little bit tensed about my snowblower.
Fleet Operations
written by John Decker, January 06, 2014
This is a great article and it is amazing what tractor trailers can do. There is so much new technology in the automotive industry these days. These new solutions are really help organizations do new things. For example, organizations like a Fleet Company have been improving their fleet operations with new technology.
written by Josh, February 06, 2014
In Australia almost all intestate cargo is done by trucks each with 3 trailers totalling up to 110 metric tons (121 us ton). These trucks or road trains we call them over will easily travel 4500km (2800 miles) in 3 days. If these aerodynamic trailers could be used over here I think there would be substantial saving to australian consumers (if it is passed on to the consumers).

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