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Low-Power Fanless Linux Box

The Bubba Server, pictured here (topless) is a compact, efficient and inepensive little server that can solve a lot of the every day ftp. http, or torrent serving issues that an EcoGeek might face in any given day.
It won't be much good for really advanced serving, with only 64 mb of ram and 200 mhz processor, but just for serving files this could easily take care of business. They available in Europe now for between 250 and 450 Euros with between 80 and 500 gigs of harddrive.
Best of all, this little guy won't ever pull more than 10 watts from the wall...that's 500 gigs of storage using less juice than a compact fluorescent light bulb! 
More specs at LinuxDevices 
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Complete review of the Bubba
written by Jonas, January 30, 2007
I’ve done a complete 5-part review and test of the Bubba Miniserver. Check it out at:

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