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JAN 25

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"Could this be the future ? or is it like the cars, there's always some..."

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Small Computers: Less Power, Less Waste, Less Money


This week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, AMD announced a new, open standard for small PCs. This is levitra online order still in development, and the specifications will not be finalized until later this year. But there are several features in this new specification that ecogeeks should love. The DTX is designed for a processor of up to 35 watts, encouraging and tramadol 180 overnight supporting low power processors for computers. The benefits of the small form factor include:
  • Electricity cost savings
  • Take up less space for both practical and aesthetic purposes
  • Enables systems that are quiet
  • Do not generate excessive heat

The new DTX standard also allows four motherboards to be made on a standard manufacturing panel (versus two ATX motherboards from the same panel), so fewer resources are consumed (and fewer effluents produced) and the cost can also be reduced. The Mini-DTX fits six motherboards on the same panel for even greater production benefit.

The DTX standard is also backward compatible with existing ATX standard, so that older expansion hardware can still be used. This keeps old hardware from becoming obsolete and allows more recycled use of equipment rather than requiring it to be scrapped.

via: CBC Tech

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That doesn't make sense
written by Jon, January 30, 2007
It seems to me that smaller computers would generate MORE heat - everything is packed together more tightly, less room for natural ventilation, etc. Certainly if the spec calls for low power processors, that's good, but I don't think that necessarily has anything to cialis online us]non generic cialis do with the case form factor.

However, it sounds like we're moving in the right direction towards more environmentally-friendly computers, which is definitely a good thing.
It makes sense
written by Steve, February 02, 2007
"It seems to me that smaller computers would generate MORE heat"

Now THAT is an unreasonable assumption. Heat is heat, if you put a smaller container around the heat, how in the world could there be MORE heat? That's idiotic.
mac mini 65w
written by barry, February 08, 2007
The Apple mac mini is 65w, virtually silent & generates an unoticeable amount of heat. We have 6 200w-300w machines at our work, the impact of dropping to 6 65w machines would be incredible.
written by Philip Proefrock, February 09, 2007
Even better, barry, if you could use six of cialis online in usa these DTX machines for less than the usefull link express viagra delivery electricity that just one of your current machines uses!
written by FX Trading System, October 03, 2007
Could this be the future ? or is it like the cars, there's always somebody who wants something bigger faster etc ?

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