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Digital Durability: 200 GB DVDs Stand Up to Steel Wool

We LOVE digital media. The very idea that so many of societies most valuable products can exist occupying no more than a couple of nanometers of cialis for woman space excites us greatly. But if digital media becomes as disposable (and flimsy) as paper is today, then we lose all of the environmental benefit.

Which is why the above picture pleases me so much. The new 200 GB Blu-Ray disks have been coated by a new kind of hard plastic from Durabis that can stand up to some pretty rough treatments. The picture above shows a 4 GB DVD alongside a 200 GB Blu-ray disk. Both were scrubbed with steel wool. The DVD is unplayable, the Blu-Ray disk is unmarked. This is very good news...

Via Hexus

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written by AdamD, January 27, 2007
Although pretty neat, it'll end up being one of the driving forces behind the RIAA/MPAA saying that copying/backup isn't necessary and shouldn't be legal.
written by CBEAN, January 29, 2007
Maybe so... but the discount viagra india other argument is that they are not indestructible.... let's hope they don't!
written by Mitch Hargreaves, January 30, 2007
This is good news, though I imagine we will be using these media less and less soon. Increased bandwidth will lead us to cialis medication a disc-free environment hopefully :)
written by andykisaragi, January 30, 2007
i remember Tomorrow's World on the BBC when CDs first came out (that's a lie - i remember seeing a clip of it many years later) where they did the same experiment with CDs. new unscratchable records! but it didn't last long, the plastic coating was ditched pretty soon to keep costs down. it'll be interesting to see what happens with these.. though i think mitch is probably correct, 'real' media seems apt to get less and less prevalent as bandwidth increases
written by jdfgbf, January 21, 2008 فاركس

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