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MAR 10

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"On the bright side, read/write will be awesome, but on the bad side, n..."

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Apple Flash Notebooks on the Way?

Fresh from the rumor mill, but sounding very plausible, are reports that Apple will be selling subnotebooks with NAND flash hard drives by the end of 2007. Now, besides this being awesome, this ecogeek has been praying for a NAND option in notebooks for over a year now. Flash memory hard drives offer four astounding benefits over the traditional spinning platters that we've all got now. They're lighter, they're faster, they're cooler, and the use much much much less power.

Now that we're done with the pros, I should probably mention that the buy cheap generic cialis cost per megabyte of flash memory has always been, and likely will remain, much higher than the cost per meg in traditional hard drive.

Whether or not this is just a rumor, all-flash notebooks are definitely on discount generic cialis the way, and this analyst (can I call myself an analyst?) is predicting that we'll see a small, all-flash notebook, by 2008, whether or not it comes from Apple.

Via Reuters

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Go and look at the $100 laptop?
written by Mercury_Merlin, March 12, 2007
Well anyway surely you know about this one;
it is the machine I want to get for my own use:
The 5th Awesomeness of NAND
written by citizen Vern, March 12, 2007
You forgot to buy tramadol 300 mention that they are pretty much indestructible. Okay, maybe not indestructible, but shock-proof.
written by Hank, March 12, 2007
And the more indestructible a device the more environmentally friendly. Though, I guess you can't have degrees of either is or it isn't. But it sure would be nice to have a shock-proof harddrive...that would probably keep thousands of laptops out of no scrit tramadol landfills....

Good call Vern.
Hello Hank!
written by GTW, March 12, 2007
I love SSDs and I'm thinking of adding one to my new notebook. Having a hard time finding one though.

The thing about SSDs consuming less power is a big question. Sure, we know they consume less power since they are not mechanical. But let me ask this question from everyone... CPU speeds are doubling every 24 months or so according to the famous Moore's Law. Additionally, we're getting multi-core CPUs that can double or quadruple that performance. Even if we keep multi-core CPUs aside, if we buy the fastest computer now to replace our 2.y.o. ex-speed-champion, are we spending any hours fewer doing our work than we did before?

Call it "the market" but I call it "human", there are just some things that can't be satisfied.

Very. Very. Cool.
written by Matt, March 12, 2007
I've been waiting for something like this, so the news is very exciting. (Only a geek could call a computer component exciting. I'm in the right place.) As for cost per megabyte, I'm expecting energy costs to continue rising. As a result, the gap between flash and womans levitra hard drives will narrow. Also, doesn't your battery last longer if you don't have to recharge it as often? Not sure about that one but, if so, it could be factored into the hard drive cost. Now, if someone can design a bay adapter and an IDE to flash adapter so I can put one in my Pentium III desktop, I'll be wetting my polyester pants with joy. :D
One thing GTW
written by Billy, March 13, 2007
You forget that with faster processors come the ability for computers to visit web site mail order viagra do more advanced things. Formating and themes in Office 2007 is WAY easier and nicer than in Office 2003, saving me time therefore electricity ;)
Re: Billy
written by GTW, March 17, 2007
But isn't all that stuff ornamental?

Again, it proves my point... people keep finding more things than being satisfied with what they need.
Good and bad.
written by Ben Althauser, April 10, 2007
On the bright side, read/write will be awesome, but on the bad side, normal laptops will drop down to dirt cheap prices because of this and people will go crazy with buying them, and the justification for this is some cheesy commercial - "Supplying the world with laptops!" or some similar catch phrase. In all reality it will be a milking of the people who work minimum wage jobs, and a last attempt to get as much money regardless of the environmental slapback, or which location they dump it in in China. Am I bitter? :o

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