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MAR 12

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"1. Love this site 2. Work in Sydney looked at teaching Taxi drivers..."

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Your Car Can Tell You How Efficient You Are

There are a hundred different ways you can save gas in your car. Expect red lights, accelerate and viagra canadian sales brake softly, don't tailgate, use cruise control. But, unfortunately, there's no way you can tell if it's actually working.

Unless you get a Drivemaster Pro. This little device promotes more efficient driving by analyzing several factors and computing how "Eco" the vehicle is being driven. A display appears to give the driver immediate feedback, with a dial that spans from red to viagra dose green. The manufacturer's website is in Japanese, so details are a bit fuzzy. It is clear, however, that it uses a series of sensors to examine different aspects of vehicle operation in order to calculate how well the usa cialis operator is driving.

A company brochure (PDF) discusses HINO's commitment to increasing the efficiency of trucks and busses. So, though discussion has talked about putting this into everyone's car, it looks like it is really meant for use on commercial trucks. As HINO points out, a heavy-duty truck will use about 330,000 liters (nearly 88,000 gallons) of diesel fuel in its lifetime, so improving efficiency of these vehicles has a much more significant impact than improving the efficiency of a passenger car.

A device like this isn't going to turn anyone into a hypermiler all by itself. But it will help drivers keep their vehicles in their operating peak range. These meters are already popping up in hybrid cars, and Toyota will soon be including a primitive version of this device in every car they sell in Japan.

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Learning From Technology
written by John Barrie, March 15, 2007
I think this is called the "Prius Effect" where having real time feedback on your driving makes you a better driver.

An interesting idea is how much is levitra to where to buy levitra have instant feedback in the house - a big meter in you kitchen that tells you how many "miles per gallon" you are getting at home. Imagine a homeowner's look when the AC kicks in!

thanks for the post
So often we just need to be told
written by Derek Williamson, March 15, 2007
1. Love this site
2. Work in Sydney looked at teaching Taxi drivers to drive efficiently - when the time was taken to show them just how much could be saved using simple driving techniques - they lept at it.
3. So many poor driving habits were shown by a study to be low level road rage (speeding, lane changing, hard breaking). As these are all emotional responses to the pressures of life - I think we need a drive master pro that plays different music depending upon how economically you drive. Relaxing poor behaviours and rewarding good.

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