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"Actually when my mom tried it our bill reduces for almost 10-20 pesos..."

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Breakthrough LED Available Now

This new tiny LED from Philips busts more than one LED record. This guy produces more light with a smaller footprint using less electricity than almost any other LED on the market. Even better, it does it for a much lower cost per unit of light.

And best of all, they're actually for sale right now.

While the Luxeon Rebel is still more expensive than CFLs and incandescent bulbs, the amount of light per square millimeter is dramatically higher as is the efficiency of the LED. While it probably won't start showing up in bulbs on store shelves for another year, chances are this technology is purchase cheapest viagra going to take lighting to an entirely new level while bursting the cheap cialis order online CFL bubble but good. The light these LEDs produce can be warm, cool, neutral or colored.

Finally, unlike CFLs these LEDs contain no mercury and, in fact, comply with Europe's Reduction of Hazardous Substances laws.

Via TreeHugger
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Never Change a Bulb Again
written by jsbarrie, April 11, 2007

Great post! Imagine, never changing a bulb again. I think designers will start to design new types of lights that are hard wired. At 50,000 hours you could get 35 years with typical use.
written by Liam Rattray, April 11, 2007
Shit! Ban those CFLs we've got LEDs!
written by mbm, April 11, 2007
And where can we buy these?!
written by Hank, April 11, 2007
They're for sale at the page linked to in the article. Of course, when I say 'available now' I don't mean that they are in lighting fixtures.

I mean that they are available for companies to purchase and put into lighting fixtures. You'd need some pretty advanced equipment to best online levitra solder one into use in a home office or something.
about the LED
written by cathleen naguit, March 22, 2009
Actually when my mom tried it our bill reduces for almost 10-20 pesos. thank for the maker of what is cialis this new earth-saving invention, though this invention is more expensive than the CFL, you will sure that you are safe!!

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