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The iSave: Showering Bathers with Guilt

The silver medalist of last year's awesomely named "Nagoya Design Do!" competition has come up with an ecogeeky invention designed to keep bathers up to date on their water use. Guoqun Yu's "iSave" faucet concept is a plumbing attachment that provides up-to-the-second reports on how many liters have been sprayed in the shower.

You don't need to a battery or A/C power (that'd be a bad idea) to operate the iSave — it runs on visit web site generic cialis 100mg waterpower! Employing the Faraday effect, Yu's iSave spins a wire loop within a magnetic field to generate enough juice to display the LED numbers.

The iSave is intended to viagra online pharmacy come in two varieties: one for the shower and effect of levitra on women one for the sink. With the fda approves viagra sink unit, water wasting can be flaunted "in your face" if you mistakenly leave the faucet on as you brush your teeth instead of saving the H20 strictly for rinsing.

Good job Guogun! We hope that your invention sees the light of day — just don't forget a U.S. version that measures water in gallons! What the heck is a liter anyway.

Via Inhabitat

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Aaaaannnnddd ..
written by Puffycoat49, May 10, 2007
First bitches!
The title says it all
written by riri, May 12, 2007
And the truth behind environmentalists becomes clear: Guilt people into your way of thinking. Just because our movement is founded on flawed ideas, doesn't mean we can't suck people into it with a good old fasioned guilt trip, just like momma used to make. The best thing on the page is 100mg viagra professional the best indian cialis "First bitches" comment.
A liter is a litre!
written by Rob, May 12, 2007
And it is much smaller than a gallon - measure small, consume small.
The name says it all
written by Clare, May 13, 2007
riri is definitely a re-re !!!
written by Dwindle, May 15, 2007
You guys do understand that for most of us, wasting millions of gallons of water doesn't hurt anyone, right?
The designer
written by Reamon Guoqun Yu, May 17, 2007
Jon Schroeder: thank you very much for posting my work here and your appreciations of iSAVE. and I am sure that I'll consider the US version..haha..

I have some comments on Saving and appreciating something.
No body appreciates lights much like the blinds;
No body apppreciates hearing much like the deafs;
No body appreciates water much like the ones who are worrying about where to find water for tomorrow's usage before going to sleep tonight. It's true that millions of people in the world are suffering from the shortage of water and others are wasting water abundtly.Imaging someday you'd be one of them, what would you do now?
If you don't think for our generation, think about your grandsons and grandsons'sons.... what will you left for them....

Thank you!
Use your sense of responsibility, not gu
written by Eran, June 25, 2007
Unlike Riri stated, this invention is not to work on our sense of guilt. In stead it may help us to use our sense of responsibility. And in contrast to levitra soft tablets guilt, responsibility is not making us look like naughty boys and girls, but like full grown adults, willing to take care after our heritage.

So I think this invention will definitly contribute to saving on waterconsumption, the same way mass introduction of energy econometers have brought down (in a period of going up fast) electric power consumption in a country like Italy. So lets introduce this feature into everyones household! (nice X-mas present if also an X-mas tree can be shown by the led lights).

The Netherlands
written by Adam Kereliuk, August 28, 2007
Type my name in on next day cialis a google search and see my "isave" from a competition 2 years ago... only the project is called PWM - or personal water meter. Sucks to see it altered slightly and cailis canadian farmacy someone else getting all the credit.
I have the where to get cialis cheap technology
written by Sean Darras, January 30, 2008
I have a patent for a water meter that fits inside a faucet and generates its own power. Please contact me by email or phone at USA, 717-368-5941
water meter that fits inside a faucet
written by George, August 09, 2008
If sean Darras could shed some light on his idea that would be interesting.
written by Sean Darras, August 09, 2008

I'm really sorry I missed your call this morning, I was having some reception issues.

Our product was originally desinged for the Point-Of-Use Submetering Industry for Multi-Family Housing. However, our patent also gives us a significant competitive advantage in the Faucet LED Display Market as well as the newly developing Home Energy Market. As of now, our patent has two core claims:
1) The use of a proprietary piezo-film technology to both measure flow and generate power.
2) The combination of a flow meter inside of online pharmacies a water efficient fixture.

The product's current capabilities are to generate power and read and send flow data to a wireless network hub.

We have a working prototype and are finishing the final stage of our research before bringing the product to market. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sean Darras
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
written by George, August 13, 2008
Uh yr e-mail is not working... I sent the other lad an e-mail

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