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Greening the paper trail

Corporations interested in sustainability just previewed something called the levitra label Environmental Paper Assessment Tool,{mosimage} which is supposed to help identify the environmental pros and canadian pharmacy cheap generic viagra cons of using paper from different sources.
The tool is being promoted by Metafore, a non-profit that describes itself thusly:
"Metafore seeks out business and other civil society leaders who recognize the connection between business prosperity and forest integrity. Together, we collaborate to cialis online usa create innovative market-based approaches that support thriving forests and communities." 
The mystery tool's makers admit that it's not the best it can be yet, but it's encouraging that big names like Bank of America are involved in the testing process.

I mean, banks use a lot of paper.

Not in relation to my account in particular, but I would imagine that if you had money or frequently made deposits, there would be a lot of paper.

I would imagine.
Anyway, here's a story about the tool in the Salem Statesman-Journal.  
And here's the PDF description of the tool on Metafore's site. 
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