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JUL 06

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"Actually, some appliances use more electricity in stand-by mode than t..."

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A Beautiful Functional Power Strip : Uses 10% Less Power

This power strip has quite a few things going for it. Some are eco, some are just intelligent. First, it'll clamp onto your desk, giving you easy access to viagra buy now all your power (no more crawling around under the desk.)  Second, it's modular, so you can expand it to have from one to a dozen outlets. Third, every outlet has a wrap-up area around it, to prevent that previously un-preventable rat's nest.

But, if that's not enough for you ecogeeks, the power strip also prevents vampirism. Power vampires are devices that constantly suck power from your walls even when you think they're off. It's a conspiracy, I'm sure, between electronics manufacturers and cialis without prescription utility companies, but it wastes a huge amount of electricity. This power strip detects when a device enters standby mode. It will flash an attractive warning light for a few minutes and, if you don't tell it not to, it will cut the power from the device in question.

It's an elegant solution to an annoying problem. Now we just have to wait for it to show up at your local electronics store.

Via Gizmodo and Yanko

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How much does THIS vampire suck?
written by kballs, July 06, 2007
And how much power does this device waste to drive it's electronics for detecting standby and shutting off the ports?

And when it does shut off ports, you have to go over there and turn it back on.

And what if you have some really efficient devices that draw only a small amount of current? Will it constantly shut these off because it thinks they're in standby?

For all the devices that draw a lot of power in standby, they waste far more when they're on viagra pfizer canada than when they're off compared to newer more efficient devices of just try! cialis oral gel the same type... so rather than try kludgey hacks like this, people should just upgrade their devices.

Scenario 1:
You get a power switch like this and save 30 watt hours per day from standby power savings for your old CRT TV. When using the TV, you use 300 watt hours per day. Total power usage: 300 watt hours/day.

Scenario 2:
You get a newer efficient LCD TV without this power switch. You waste 2 watt hours per day when the beta blockers and viagra TV is on standby. When using the TV, you use 80 watt hours/day. Total power usage: 82 watt hours/day.

Scenario 1 without standby power uses 266% more electricity than scenario 2 with standby power.

I think a better initiative than cutting off all standby power would be to find a more efficient way to design AC->DC transformer bricks for all the little devices we use (cell phone chargers, home networking equipment, etc.), since they waste power whether or not the devices are actually drawing power (standby, full on, or full off, the transformer will be wasting power as heat 24/7).
written by Tobias, July 07, 2007
Oooh, a conspiracy-theory!! I love those!!

But the device does look pretty, which is a nice thing. I have all the cables of my pc plugged into one bar, which has an on/off button and I turn it off at night (mainly because my speakers are right next to my head and make an annoying buzz, but still)
written by rob, July 07, 2007
I've got a power down device, mum gave me it (thanks mum), she got it free from the power company.
They do work, but with some limitations. Mine is like a plug adapter, the top socket takes the main device, while the two side sockets take peripheral devices.
Problem one is that the device plugged in the top socket needs to draw at least 15 watts, to trigger the device (I use the TV).
Secondly what to plug into the other sockets. I originally had the video and viagra pharmacy digi box plugged in. But I often need the video to record, when I'm not there, so I had to buy real viagra online plug it into a normal socket.
Although the device works OK with the TV and digi box, the digi box doesn't seem to like it and often refuses to turn on fully.

So while these devices do work, they are of limited value, a plug strip with individual switches is probably better, if you have access.

The argument for replacing old inefficient appliances with new ones is price of cialis more complex than just the real cialis online devices power consumption.
You also have to calculate the loss of manufacturing materials and energy, caused by scrapping a device before it reaches the end of its life span.
There is also the argument that many people buy a larger screen size, when updating from CRT to LCD, so the power difference can be minimal.
For example, my 15in CRT uses 45 watts per hour, while my parents 17in LCD uses 37 watts. Standby power isn't an issue, as both of us turn off at the power button, rather than use standby.
written by Monotonehell, July 10, 2007
Instructions that come with a lot of extension cords and wind up extentions tell us NOT to operate them coiled. Coils are a great way to turn electricity into heat and extra load. I worry a little with this concept's wind up your lose cables feature. Perhaps the coils created would be too small to create problems?
definetly works
written by Layna, May 23, 2008
i liked htis device very much, and sounds like it would be extremely useful for everyone. I can't wait until it hits the shelves. :)
written by Nick, May 07, 2010
Actually, some appliances use more electricity in stand-by mode than they do in operating mode throughout the course of an average day.
One surprising example is the Microwave oven. Microwaves use more electricity to power their timer in stand-by mode than they do in operational mode in a given day.

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