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JUL 06

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"It has always bothered me that people move next to good choice levitra rx an airport then com..."

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Boeing's Efficiency Gamble: The 787 Dreamliner

Boeing hasn't released an all new plane in over ten years. Once something as complicated as an airplane is designed, it's best to try and generic viagra lowest prices make it last. Just be happy that the things are staying off the ground, and keep selling the same old designs.

But airlines have been clamoring for something new, something better, something...EFFICIENT. And the cost of viagra 787 Dreamliner is that plane. Boeing has just finished its first Dreamliner and will be unveiling it this Sunday (7/8/07...get it?)

The plane will use roughly twenty percent less fuel per mile than other plane in its class. Two innovations make this possible. First, it's ultra-efficient turbo-fan jet engines. But while some other planes are using the turbo-fans, no one else is using carbon fiber like Boeing.

More than 50% of the plane, in fact, the entire fuselage, is made of carbon fiber. The result is a significantly lighter plane that can  be molded for prime aerodynamic flight. Alumninum planes require millions of heavy bolts and have to take the shape that will make the aluminum strongest. Carbon fiber is visit web site levitra 30 mg stronger and can be created in any shape.

The carbon fiber also allows for a much faster construction time (just under three days) and some additional benefits that should be welcome to fliers. First, aluminum planes have to be kept at near zero percent humidity to prevent possible corrosion. The Dreamliner will be the first commercial airline with cabin humidity designed for comfort, not for anti-corrosion. Second, the carbon fiber cabin can also be pressurized more than aluminum airplanes, so cabin pressures will be higher and ears will pop less often.

Obviously, there's a lot of reasons to want to get your hands on a Dreamliner, and Boeing is discovering that their gamble is paying off. Already, more than 600 Dreamliners have been ordered by airlines across the world. I'll be happy to see this new fuel efficient plane flying the friendly skies someday soon. Hopefully we'll all get to enter site best prices for levitra take a ride.

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It's a start
written by Brian Green, July 07, 2007
I applaud the levitra where to buy attempts to make air travel more efficient. To make things even more efficient they could put a few rows less of good choice levitra purchase people on (which also eliminates that much more baggage). I'm sure there's a super computer out there that can calculate the most efficient amount of people on a plane given it's size and drag. I'd be very interested to see what that number is.
It's About Time!
written by Carolyn, July 07, 2007
It's great that Boeing finally took the plunge and started thinking of both the passengers and tramadol with money orders the environment. If I were the flying sort, I'd be tempted to try one out. Which makes me wonder if the ticket prices for the visit our site where to get levitra Dreamweaver is more expensive than the planes we're used to.
Even more effcient
written by Eric, July 07, 2007
You mentioned the engines being efficient, and one of the reasons that they are so efficient is that they are a bleed-less design. This means that they don't take any air from the compressor (the first stage; pre-ignition) to power the systems like the pressurization and air conditioning system. Think of you car engine's piston doing all the work of compressing the buy generic levitra from uk air in the cylinder and then taking a portion of it to heat up the cigarette lighter. The air you take out reduces the amount of energy created when you burn the fuel.

This is important because the engine instead uses electrical generators, which are much more efficient when putting out low power compared to a similar bleed-air system.
written by Jeff, July 07, 2007
while fuel efficent jets are certainly better for the environment I sincerly doubt that Boeing did this for the environment. Efficency means less fuel and that is profitable forthw airlines who will then buy more planes from Boeing. Still the dreamliner is only best offers best prices on cialis a very exciting plane and I can't wait to visit our site online pharmacy cialis ride one.
Carbon Fiber Stronger?
written by Ivan, July 08, 2007
Does anyone remember american airlines flight 587 from NY to Dominican Republic? The only carbon fiber part ripped off just after take off...The vertical stabilizer. Also happened to a Air Transat Jet taking off from Cuba. The planes may be lighter, but I am not convinced stronger. Who knows what will happen once these planes are in the air for a few years. I am not willing to sacrifice safety for efficiency. The airlines don't even have a proper method to check for carbon fiber fatigue yet.
written by Matt, July 08, 2007
Hey don't worry the said this boat would never sink, and we can always used liquid fuels from coal so we can keep flying. I like the idea of purchase of cialis the flying wind design aircraft, maybe we will see some passenger versions of those. Or multiwing aircraft, EasyJet have designed a new plane recently. We are at an exciting time with electric cars, high speed trains and more efficient aircraft. The change is happening technically are more people are realising sustainable living is happier and isnt that what it should all be about?
written by Swatt, July 08, 2007
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minor improvements.....
written by Josh, July 09, 2007
Boeing's next step should be stealth. While efficiency is important, noise pollution is a growing problem. Living near one of the countries busiest airports (chicago's O'hare) I can tell you it isn't pleasing. Hooray for carbon fiber!! (took them long enough) now get working on quieting those danged engines!! Hopefully they can get stealth rolling sooner than 20 years, but it's doubtful....
I Second the Sound Issue..
written by Matthew, July 09, 2007
They really need to concentrate on only today buy cialis online cialis more quiet planes. I cannot begin to tell you how loud planes are when you are within 5 miles of a big international airport (in my case Newark International). While less carbon emission is a wonderful thing, all these loud sounds do have adverse effects on quality of life.
written by Andrew B, July 09, 2007
They really need to concentrate on more quiet planes. I cannot begin to tell you how loud planes are when you are within 5 miles of a big international airport (in my case Newark International). While less carbon emission is a wonderful thing, all these loud sounds do have adverse effects on quality of life.

Airplanes are a lot more quiet than they used to be, and you're dealing with some basic physics of pushing a large body through air, as well as the sounds that jets will naturally make, that will not change.
written by Allison, July 09, 2007
If you're truly worried about the noise of aircraft, you'd be better off moving than waiting for a silent airplane. It won't be happening in our lifetimes, that's for certain.
What about globalization
written by kevin minney, July 10, 2007
Unfortunately, only 10% of the plane is made in the US by Boeing. The rest is viagra fedex overnight shipping outsourced all over the world.
Do you factor in carbon debt for that?
written by Andrew B, July 10, 2007
Unfortunately, only 10% of the plane is made in the US by Boeing. The rest is outsourced all over the world.

Here in reality:
US and non-US content on the 787
Roughly 75 percent US
Roughly 25 percent non-US
Move away from the airport
written by Noisy Guy, December 20, 2008
It has always bothered me that people move next to an airport then complain about the noise. you made the choice MOVE AWAY FROM THE AIRPORT. Planes need full power to land and take off. May be if you lived near the which is better viagra or cialis highway with all of the electric cars you could get some rest. Now about the plane, all that needs to be said BRILLIANT.

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