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JUL 20

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Happy Hard Drive News

Kanguru has just released the first ever hard-drive marketed directly at EcoGeeks. I gotta say...I want one. The drives have three power modes that allow for an energy savings of up to we use it levitra levitra online 75% and the drives are fully RoHS compliant (no hazardous substances.)

Of course, when they say that they're "the most efficient external harddrives" that isn't technically true. Using a 2.5 inch external laptop harddrive will use far less energy, and it's relatively easy to create one out of a casing and buy canada in viagra an old laptop harddrive. Which is fine if you only need 40 to 80 gigs. But the Kanguru goes all the brand viagra without prescription buy way up to 750 gigs...($350.)

For the EcoGeek who just can't find enough space for all his trillions of ebooks, the Kanguru Eco Drive line is a great choice.

Via Engadget (h/t Luke)
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very interesting!
written by Cynthia, July 21, 2007
Would this work well in conjunction with the green computer? ( perhaps the two companies should hook up!

- Cyn
written by Matt Fischer, July 21, 2007
RoHS stands for Reduction of Hazardous Substances, not "elimination" so the above statement is probably not 100% accurate. It is certainly better than a non-RoHS drive however!
written by Tobias, July 21, 2007
I thought I read on engadget or crunchgear that the power modes only work with windows (but I could be wrong)
written by Lee Wong Seoul, July 22, 2007
You can buy a decent laptop at $400..Spending $350 for an HD sounds too much. Thanks for the info ...
750 Gigs
written by Hank, July 22, 2007
For 750 gigabytes, $350 is fairly reasonable for an external harddrive. Obviously, this would be for a fairly specialized application, but for $400 laptop, you should probably expect about 40 gigabytes. Perfectly fine for most applications...but woefully inadequate for others. The 80 gig ecodrive is about $100 bucks.
written by Rob, July 23, 2007
Once flash drive technology improves tradition hard drives will be obsolete both in speed and energy consumption.
Jumping on ship
written by Luke, July 23, 2007
It seems Western Digital followed suit. Their 1TB drive runs 13.5 watts while their new GreenPower drives cuts that number by more than 5 watts.
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written by Luke, July 23, 2007

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