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Mail yourself some bookshelves

For those of us that have to pack up everything we own and buy levitra no prescription required move once a year, we start to look at any larger pieces of look here online pharmacies furniture with abject hatred throughout the year.
But rather than toss the we choice levitra 50 mg tablets "free" sign on our clumsier items and dumping them in the front yard, maybe we could check out these bookshelves from D.E. Sellers.
This bookcase was created without any waste at all, and uses no fasteners or glue. You can even just pack it up in a big 'ole envelope and mail it to your next address if you run out of room on the Penske.  
Sellers has also created a single-panel series in which movers can create a table and chairs from a single sheet of wood, though it looks like the comfort level may be sacrificed for movability.
Via: Treehugger
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