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IBM and Syracuse Complete Green Data Center

IBM and Syracuse have completed construction of the Green Data Center on the cialis endurance university's campus.  The data center will demonstrate new technologies and ways of gaining efficiency for other companies and nations looking to build better data centers.

The project, first announced back in May, will start operations in January.  The center is expected to use half the energy of a traditional data center.  It will achieve this through incorporating on-site power generation, a unique liquid-cooling system that converts the exhaust heat from the power generator into chilled water that's distributed throughout the rx levitra racks, the use of DC power, energy-efficient servers and energy management software.

An analysis and design center working in conjunction with the project to research new technology and interpret performance results of the data center will also open in 2010.

The project has acquired an additional $500,000 in funding from the New York State Senate to help with its research.

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Desklamp Powered by a Phone Jack

From my perspective, they very fact that this is possible is the news here. It's a "reading" lamp that can be powered by a phone jack. That's right, your phone jack has a tiny amount of natural viagra alteratives power that comes through along with the phone signal to only today cialis best buy power things like ringers and speakers and microphones. I imagine that the visit our site viagra soft gel light output of this thing is pretty pathetic, honestly. I haven't seen any in use, but just looking at the price (less than $6) and the LEDs the thing has got makes me think this isn't going to assist all that much with reading, unless it's very dark out and best price propecia you REALLY want to find out whether Robert Langdon is really dead.

There are a couple of other advantages to the lamp. First, these phone jacks are the most standard plug in the world. While everybody has a different outlet for power, almost every country uses the same phone jack. Second, when the power is out, often, phone lines are not, meaning this could be a way to have some light during an emergency. And, finally, what could be the most appealing reason to uses this ugly, cheap, and insignificant source of light is that the power you pull from telecoms is free. They pay for don't. Now that I think of it, it's probably against the TOS agreement you have with the phone company, but there are no meters, so they'll never know. You can use all of the (really insignificant amount) of electricity you want to power this lamp, and you'll never get charged for it.

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A Bladeless Fan?

dysonairmultiplierThe Dyson Air Multiplier fan is the latest invention to come from Sir James Dyson, father of the Dyson vacuum cleaner series and the Dyson Airblade hand dryer. Air Multiplier is generic levitra mexico a 'bladeless' fan that provides a smooth airflow and that induces air circulation in the surrounding air, getting a greater effect of air movement.

It's not necessarily a more efficient fan than other fans (Dyson doesn't have any information about the relative efficiency of their fan on their website yet), but it's certainly an innovative design, and that could make it more acceptable to have a fan in a space, where a conventional bladed fan might be objectionable. The noise level from this fan is also not indicated yet. The sleek appearance of the Air Multiplier also makes it easier to clean than bladed fans. However, the Air Multiplier is not truly 'bladeless.' The blades are just concealed in the base of the unit.

Fans can be a far more efficient method of cooling than air conditioning. Moving air can provide a cooling effect with much less energy use. The Air Multiplier offers a stylish way to do this. While it has just been released, and availability is limited, it will be interesting to see if the performance of this fan makes it a real winner, rather than an expensive curiosity.

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California Crowned Most Energy Efficient by ACEEE

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released their third annual state energy efficiency scorecard yesterday and the most energy efficient state was, no surprise, California, while Wyoming was ranked dead last.

The organization judged all 50 states plus D.C. on six criteria:  utility-sector and public benefit programs and policies; transportation policies; building energy codes; combined heat and power; state government initiatives; and appliance efficiency standards.  States could amass 50 points among the areas.

The report found that the recession had little effect on energy efficiency programs and some states like Maine, Colorado, Delaware, D.C., South Dakota and buy tramadol online cheap Tennessee made huge leaps in energy efficiency initiatives.

The top ten states are: California (1); Massachusetts (2); Connecticut (3); Oregon (4); New York (5); Vermont (6); Washington state (7); Minnesota (8); Rhode Island (9); and Maine (10).  The bottom ten are:  Arkansas (41); Missouri (41); Louisiana (41); Georgia (44); Alaska (45); West Virginia (45); Nebraska (47); Alabama (48); Mississippi (49); North Dakota (49); and Wyoming (51).

You can view each state's score and a list of its policies here.

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Google PowerMeter Finds a Gadget Partner

Before now, the Google PowerMeter software could only estimate your energy use, unless you happened to be a customer of the handful of utilities it was working with.  That has changed.  The company announced yesterday that they have partnered with The Energy Detective (TED), allowing you to bypass your utility and get regularly-updated energy use information.

The TED 5000 device costs about $200 and you'll need an electrician to install it, but once that's done, it wil connect to the internet and feed all your electricity use to the PowerMeter program online at home or via iGoogle on your mobile phone.  The TED device sends updates to PowerMeter every 10 minutes compared to regular smart meters which often only dispaly processed energy data only once a day.

People who already own a TED device can download an upgrade to start using the PowerMeter software.

This partnership is meeting a great need because it lets consumers review their electricity use in real-time, over their own broadband connection, allowing them to make changes to their current energy consumtption instead of making changes in hindsight.  But the companies aren't looking to exclude power companies.  TED and Google are both still working with utilities to build smart meter networks.

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