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AUG 29

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"New Mexico now has to be an influential pioneer to us all show it how ..."

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New Mexico Getting First Geothermal Power Project

Good news for New Mexico. Raser Technologies is beginning construction of the state’s first geothermal power project.

Phase one will put out 10 MW starting in early 2009, with phase two expanding that output to 20-25 MW – a fair amount of electricity for a new technology. It will be one of the first in the US to use low temperature geothermal power generation. Because of this technology, the site being used is actually a well drilled more than 20 years ago, but wasn’t hot enough for the capabilities of the time. So previously unusable sites are now able to produce useable energy at a competitive price.

Geothermal is gaining a lot of visibility as an energy resource, from smaller uses like the Colorado Fossil Fuel-Free Community to Google plunking down a cool $10M last week. While the projects so far definitely lean to the best site brand levitra without prescription buy the cheap cialis india smaller scale, it’s possible that improved technology, as illustrated by Raser, could make it a much more interesting renewable energy resource soon.

Via Rasertech

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electronic engineer
written by Anthony Hensleigh, September 05, 2008
I have dezainde 4 Eco technology systems that will reduce global energy consumption by 25% , and a new not fort hove go green initiative concept that i believe will reduce global green gas emissions by 30%,? is anybody in this world interested . thank you :)
written by bCraZz, October 30, 2008
ya i'm anthony
written by Fred, July 21, 2009
New Mexico now has to be an influential pioneer to us all show it how it works!

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