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AUG 27

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"This is fantastic! I love to hear corporations being conscientious abo..."

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Colorado IKEA Will Be Geothermal Powered

A new IKEA store planned for Centennial, Colorado (just outside Denver) will be heated and buy levitra on line cooled by geothermal energy.

IKEA got assistance from the fine scientists at NREL in designing and constructing a geothermal system located under the store's parking garage.  At 500 feet under the ground, 130 pipes will pump liquid that will help to heat or cool the store depending on the time of year (in the summer, ground temperatures will keep the liquid cooler than surface air and vice versa in the winter).

During times of extreme temperatures, the geothermal system won't be able to get the job done on its own, but during most of the year, the system should be able to maintain comfortable temperatures in the store.  IKEA is using this location, which opens next year, as a pilot test for the technology and if it's successful, the company plans to install similar systems in other North American stores.

We all know big box stores are total energy hogs, so it's exciting to see a company that runs those type of it's cool cialis paypal stores replacing some of the traditional energy sources they use with clean energy.

via Triple Pundit

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written by Doc Rings, August 27, 2010
Too bad the Lowe's and Home Depots don't use this... our local Lowe's kept the place at about 72F. It was so cold in the Summer, we'd have to leave right away (rather than keep browsing and buying!). Even the employees had to wear sweaters in the Summer just to high quality viagra keep warm...

The manager of the store said that the temperatures were controlled remotely from Lowes HQ five states away in North Carolina. Seriously?

written by Tom Canup, August 28, 2010
Quest kept referring to geothermal as a "renewable" energy source. So what is the renewable component of geothermal power? Is there a mechanism that drives a thermal differential in the earth that "renews" geothermal?
written by carson, September 02, 2010
Good move by Ikea. If it works well new businesses nation wide will be using geothermal energy. This has potential to save a ton of power.
written by Margi K, September 17, 2010
This is fantastic! I love to hear corporations being conscientious about their energy consumption. Keep up the good example! It will not only save you bundles of cash, but not pollute the air. There is a back up system for those extreme temps that works I hope.
Thank you.
And Tom Canup.... look up 'geothermal'

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