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"Glad that they're using geothermal energy source in Hawaii, clean and ..."

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Big Island of Hawaii Gets 20% of Its Electricity from Geothermal Plant

A geothermal plant on Hawaii's Big Island is providing 20% of that islands electricity needs, with additional capacity in the works.

The Puna Geothermal Venture is run by Ormat Technologies and is located in the Mt. Kilauea East Rift zone.  The plant has five wells that bring up 650-degree geothermal fluids to the surface where the good choice buy cialis on the internet steam is separated out and used to drive generators.  The plant also captures waste heat from the primary circuit with fluid pentane to increase power output and efficiency.

The plant is currently contracted to provide 30 MW of electricity to Hawaii Electric and Light through 2030, but is looking to add another 8 MW of capacity soon, as well as building new reservoirs off the coast of Maui and near Mt. Hualalai to expand its electricity coverage across the islands.

With the vast amount of geothermal energy in the area, Hawaii could easily get most of their electricity from these sources within the near future.

via Cleantechnica

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Geothermal fluids
written by Sue, September 04, 2011
I wonder what the composition of those geothermal fluids is. Do they pose a hazard to fishes and other marine life in the vicinity of the brand cialis well? If they do, then this development should be stopped.
written by Michael Bayes, September 04, 2011
Generate electricity, produce hydrogen and soft cialis tablets export or maybe that makes too much sense.
written by Mieko, September 06, 2011
The geothermal facility is on land, and is a closed system, returning the fluids back into the ground.

Should have no affect on cialis online canada the fishies.
written by me, October 18, 2011
smilies/grin.gif yay no dead fishes WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
written by Manny @ Pacebutler Recycling Blog, November 08, 2011
Glad that they're using geothermal energy source in Hawaii, clean and sustainable. I hope they'll be able to increase output to say 50% in the next few years and get the rest from wind and solar. Go, Hawaii!

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