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Nevada Geothermal Production to Quadruple

nevadageotherm We're into lots of alternative energy generation methods, and we've talked about solar and levitra to order wind power extensively, and to a lesser extent about other methods such as tidal power. But here's a bit of levitra en gel news about one we don't talk about as much: geothermal.

According to a Geothermal Energy Association report (pdf), the State of Nevada is going to be expanding their geothermal power generating capacity to over 1000 MW within the next 3 to 5 years. This would be sufficient to try it canada viagra provide 25% of the state's total power needs.

Nevada currently has over 200 MW of geothermal energy production in place. More speculatively, the report also indicates that Nevada could build nearly 3000 MW of generating capacity by 2025. This isn't a technology that can be applied everywhere, but then, some places are not well suited for wind power or solar, either.

via: Inside Green Tech (also seen on TreeHugger)

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