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US Government Surpasses Google for Geothermal Funding


More than $300 million in funding for research and we use it cheap viagra with fast delivery development of geothermal energy has been announced by U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu. This now pushes into second place behind the government in domestic geothermal R & D funding.

The projects funded by this program address a number of issues which are needed in order to further develop geothermal energy, including advanced mapping and drilling research, coproduced power (such as utilizing hot water produced in some oil wells), and exploration of low temperature geothermal (under 300 degrees F, and down to as low as 165 degrees F). Some of viagra australia no prescription these funds will go towards ground source heat pump research and demonstration projects, which do not generate power directly, but which use the energy they do consume for heating and cooling in a much more efficient manner.

This program also puts the United States well ahead of Australia, which last year spent $43.5 million on geothermal research.

The Department of Energy has published a list (PDF) of all 123 projects under this program.

USDOE Press Release


What Will it Take for Geothermal to be Cheaper than Coal

geothermalAccording to a new study from NYU, it would take about three billion dollars of DOE investment to get the costs of geothermal down to the cost of coal. That does seem like a fairly steep price when geothermal power seems so very free. But getting enough heat out of the tramadol dogs ground to power turbines is no simple affair.

The study also found that previous DOE investments in geothermal provided higher returns in price drops and efficiency increases than investment in any other renewable resource.

There's a sense in the energy industry that geothermal is already a mature technology and that, unfortunately, it's never going to be practical on a large scale. However, the NYU study is pointing out that this is simply not true. New techniques are hitting geothermal from every angle. Some people are working on getting more heat out of geothermal wells, others are making electricity with cooler rocks while a third group of people are creating new ways to reach hot rocks with less money.

The study also determined (though we're not quite clear on how) that geothermal could get down to four cents per kilowatt hour with only $3 B of investment from the DOE. This seems rather fishy to cialis in india me. But whether or not it will get down to grid parity, more focus on geothermal is definitely needed.

Via GreenCarCongress


Converting a Volcanic Island into a Giant Power Plant

st kitts and nevis geothermal
The Caribbean island nation of try it ordering levitra overnight delivery Saint Kitts and Nevis may become one of the most carbon-negative nations in the world as it moves toward installing a geothermal power generation system that could eventually allow the island pair to meet its own energy needs and become a clean energy exporter to its neighbors.

There may be as much as 200 megawatts (MW) of capacity available, which would allow Saint Kitts and Nevis to be a power exporter to some of its neighboring islands, even as far as Puerto Rico. At present, the islands need only 10MW or so, although some resort growth is going to increase the demand. The initial plant is anticipated to be on line and buy viagra online without prescription producing power by the end of 2009. Additional production holes will be added thereafter to reach an initial target of 50 MW.

This isn't the first time plans for a Caribbean island to be powered solely by nenewables has come to click now viagra sales online light. Last year, we came across the story that Johnny Depp's Island to be Solar and Hydrogen Powered, but this is a far less exclusionary project.

Nevis has long been known for its hot springs. Now, this project will make Saint Kitts and Nevis the generic levitra mexico first nation in the Caribbean to utilize geothermal energy for its electricity, and may aid it in boosting its tourism with promises of 100% Earth-powered vacations.

Links: Nevis blog

via: Celsias


U.K.'s First Geothermal Plant Will Power Theme Park

The U.K. may soon have their first geothermal power plant through the Eden Project, a green theme park that contains the world's largest greenhouse. At first, the power plant will only be used to power the theme park, but if successful, will expand to power surrounding homes.

The plant will bore three miles underground Cornwall in hot granite rock to produce hot water that will drive a turbine. The Eden Project estimates that there is enough geothermal energy below Cornwall to eventually power 10 percent of U.K. homes. The 3 MW plant should be completed by 2012 and will cost $25 million.

Geothermal energy is more consistent and reliable than wind or solar power because it's not affected by the weather. The Eden Project hopes that the new plant will shine a spotlight on buy propecia online pharmacy the potential of buy canadian cialis online geothermal energy and inspire other areas to levitra pfizer india take advantage of the technology.

via Fast Company


Coal Mines Providing Geothermal Energy

It's hot down there, inside the Earth. And to tap that energy, all we need is giant holes in the ground.

Giant holes can sometimes be a bit expensive to dig, but there's some good news. The world already has a bunch of giant holes...from centuries of coal mining and exploration. And as any early 20th century coal miner will tell you, it can get hot down there.

The Dutch town of Heerlin has just discovered how useful old coal mines can be. An abandoned coal mine that's since flooded with ground water is being re-purposed to provide heat and hot water to 350 businesses and residents. The heat in the mine water is exchanged into clean drinking water so, no, the residents aren't drinking coal sludge.

Unfortunately, a fix for 350 people is not a fix for the world. But there are certainly no shortage of mine shafts in the world, we'll just have to see if the Dutch (or someone else) is able to scale it up.

Via Inhabitat

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