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OCT 11

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"This is very interesting. Making your own city, using everything that ..."

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SimCity - SimClimateChange

For all you video-game playing ecogeeks out there, your time has finally come! The creators of the popular Sim series have teamed up with BP to add a climate change component to their new game, SimCity Societies, set to wow look it cialis tablet release next month.
Players can build their cities with ecofriendly options, such as wind turbines, hydrogen fuel stations, and green buildings. Their decisions will ultimately drive the climate of their city and even imperil it with disasters should their CO2 levels go too high. Pollution also affects the viagra online stores health of the population, and quality of viagra aus usa life. Building these green options are more costly than conventional ones, which lends a realistic approach to the game as well.

It's pretty awesome for folks (young folks particularly) to be able to see the effects of actions on a larger scale and in an accelerated timeline. The latest supercomputer climate models won't capture the interest that a video game can on the next generation. Hopefully this Sim will be able to make an impact IRL.

Viat TreeHugger

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written by eco mat, October 12, 2007
i can't wait for this game!!

it comes out on the 16th of november by the way
Systems beyond Ecosystems
written by doc75, October 14, 2007
Jozef, IMO the best part about this game is that it shows how green power is buy cialis 50 mg integrated into cities and powergrids, and societies. There are many point solutions to clean energy but a lack of true systems engineering to determine the best combination of clean, green energy to power a population.
written by Jess Telford, October 15, 2007
Coincidentally, I am involved in a University project for creating an Interactive Game which models the pharmacy order tramadol balance between a city-to-state-sized Economy, Environmental effects, and Citizen reactions.

The working title currently is;
Project G.R.E.N.E - Global Resource Emission Netting Experiment.

The projected release date for Project G.R.E.N.E. is end 2007 with high-school aged players as our main target market.
written by andreea, March 19, 2008
This is very interesting. Making your own city, using everything that a city needs. This game could change the point of view for some kids.

Nouveau Riche University

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