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NOV 29

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"Any updates on this issue? At Amaay! urban sustainability We are worki..."

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Google Begins UK Carbon Footprint Project

At the risk of beginning to sound like Google's hired PR firm...we've got another fantastic green announcement from the search giant.

Google has just released their UK Carbon Footprint Project and already it's receiving a lot of attention. In partnership with the Energy Saving Trust, a non-profit organization addressing climate change, Google developed their own brand of carbon footprint calculator, with some great ecogeeky features.

Users can calculate their carbon emissions, just like any other calculator out there, but then can also choose "carbon reducing actions," which will be tagged to only here order cialis their iGoogle profile. These can be updated whenever you like, either by adding more or lowering your current footprint, essentially tracking your progress to lower emissions. One of the cooler aspects of high quality levitra this, though, is that your footprint and your actions are displayed on Google Maps, so you can see what others are doing and what their footprints are. The site also features an array of neat tools to check out, anything from seeing what local green resources are available in your area, to stats on those participating in the projects.
The unfortunate side to all of this is that the project is order cheapest cialis online only underway in the UK... for the on line viagra canada moment. Hopefully we'll have something to play with in the US and Canada before too long!
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written by Magnulus, November 29, 2007
You can find me in Edinburgh as Magnulus. I reached 5.5 tonnes, sadly. Mostly due to the fact that I can't really change the larger appliances or insulation or double-glaze the windows in a flat I don't own.
Once I get a place of my own, however, I want those special windows that you turn around and I want a turbine and printable solar panels and everything.

Hey, at least I don't even so much as take the bus!
It's great that Google are on the case.
written by weee, November 30, 2007
Google driving positive change is going to be more effective than a thousand politicians.
Having said that I wonder if David Cameron, who delivered a very good speech to Google Zeitgeist, had something to do with Google leading this in the UK rather than the US...
Bring this to Belgium too!
written by Stefaan Vandist, November 30, 2007
This is a great innitiative. We should have this in Belgium to! I only do beleive that the concept 'carbon footprint' needs some more public awareness down here! On top of that it should be supported by a lot of empowering tips and tricks to make it work.

But the idea to make it open, transparant, collaborative etc. is great!
carbon footprint in belgium
written by bob, November 16, 2009
Any updates on this issue? At Amaay! urban sustainability We are working on corporate carbon footprint assesment, any news from this kind of activity in Belgium are more than welcome.
Keep on going!

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