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Search Engines Offer Insight into Green

I just got an email from Jessica Waight of Outcast (Yahoo's PR firm) showing me a bit of search data from Yahoo. The e-mail was titled "the year of green searches." I'm not sure about that, but I do like the trend.

Topping off the list was "recycling," which somehow beat out "global warming." My guess is that most people searching for recycling are actually hoping to find information on their local programs...which is more appealing to people than just doing research on global warming.

But a fascinating third place goes to the world "freecycle," which will lead you to, a website that lets you connect with nearby people to give away stuff you have cluttering your basement (a lady just picked up an aquarium from me yesterday.) Freecycle has active communities all over the world now, and if I can get free sweaters in Montana in the city dwealers shouldn't have any problems reducing your purchases and brand viagra for sale increasing your freecycling.

Way to go, freecycle!

Other top eco-searches included Earth, Pollution, Al Gore, Environmental Protection Agency, Live Earth, Hybrid Cars, and Solar Energy. Hooray for some green technologies making the list there at the end!

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