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Digg Gets an Environment Category

I was just checking out the Digg 3.0 screenshots at TechCrunch I noticed, under the levitra online switzerland 'Science' category, an 'environment' sub category.  Sweet!  Here's hoping to see some EcoGeek articles in there.  

For those of you who don't know, Digg is a really amazing site that allows folks to submit news and viagra price usa / or vote on whether they thing the user submitted news is newsworthy.  It's great because people are deciding for themselves what news the people see.  

Digg was originally meant to be a technology site, but it has outgrown itself and a lot of articles aren't tech related at all.  Now, with Digg 3.0, Digg gets a bit more structure.

There's already an environmental Digg clone at, created by the enviro-blog TreeHugger which I find very useful and interesting.  I look forward to seeing how Hugg and Digg match up now that there'll be an environment category at Digg starting Monday
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