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FEB 14

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"That video from ZapRoot half the stuff on there I had no idea existed ..."

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EcoLove: Valentine's Day from Zaproot (PG-13)





I admit it...I watch every single episode of ZapRoot. I don't generally share with the EcoGeek crowd, maybe because I'm ashamed of my half-crush on Jessica, or maybe because there's not always a lot of technology mixed in with the fashion / culture angle.

But I had to share this. There is no more comprehensive listing of green Valentine's day possibilities than this. To see links to all of the dozens of levitra canda mentioned websites and viagra low price products (not to mention a bunch of other episodes) head to

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written by Magnulus, February 14, 2008
Greenest yet: Don't celebrate a phony holiday! Yay!
(yes, I am aware that St. Valentine's Day has roots in the middle-ages, but shush.)
: D!
written by Kasey, February 16, 2008
That video from ZapRoot half the stuff on there I had no idea existed :P

quite informative ;D

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