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FEB 26

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"They probably knew each other offline first. That's how these things ..."

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GreenOptions: A Green Blog Network for Everyone

You may not have noticed, but I certainly have, that the Environmental Blogosphere is tramadol cod order growing extremely quickly. What was, just last year, a couple dozen blogs, has quickly become a couple thousand. This is, of course, fantastic. The more people we have covering these stories, the better situated the whole world will be to understand the issues that we face and usefull link levitra 50 mg tackle them with greatest efficacy.

While EcoGeek is never going to be able to highlight every one of those blogs, we are happy to have expanded ourselves into a blog network, and to have good company in the environmental blog network space.

GreenOptions, once, like EcoGeek, a single independent blog, has branched into a network along with us, already providing over a dozen blogs under its umbrella.

They're covering everything from global news to arts and crafts. And, yes, they have an ecogeeky offering as well :-). Blog networks allow writers to it's great! viagra online order focus on writing, while marketing, technical development, and monetization can be handled by a team that would be completely unsupportable by individual blogs. GreenOptions has done a wonderful job of expanding itself into a huge variety of niches.

As of right now, I think that my favorite Green Options blogs remain Green Building Elements and Sustainablog, but there are gems throughout the network. You can find all of their blogs in their top bar, which lives on every page in their network.

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written by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, February 26, 2008
Thanks so much for the kind words, Hank... we've got to find some more ways to work together!
You're too kind!
written by Tim Hurst, February 26, 2008
Thanks for your post, Hank. You folks are putting together a nice little network yourselves. Congratulations and keep up the great work.
Hooray for CAGW
written by Victoria E, February 26, 2008
Many thanks for mentioning Crafting a Green World - hooray ;D
Green Options are awesome - they suggest
written by Penny, February 27, 2008
I love Green Options almost as much as I love Ecogeek! ;D
I just wish I could find an Australian version of this site.

I especially recommend the eCourse "30 Days to a Greener You" and the green-journal idea they suggest - I did the eCourse last year, hopefully they are still running it.
written by JT, February 29, 2008
You picked a great bunch to work with.
I wish you continued success.
Green home building techniques.
written by kermit johnson, February 29, 2008
I was wondering if you know anyone who is building homes with "cob?"

As a Minneapolis real estate agent, I am interested in green building techniques. I wrote a post one that seems rather far-fetched, but is common in most of the world:

Please share this post with your readers in any way that you can. Do you think
Producer of Green New Media & Life Expo
written by Randy De Troit, February 20, 2009
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Blog Networks
written by Taylor, September 05, 2013
But how did EcoGeek and Green Options meet each other to team up? So cool.
Re: Blog Networks
written by Kat W, October 09, 2013
They probably knew each other offline first. That's how these things always work. Unless somebody bought some part of the other company.

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