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MAY 02

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"ooops here is the link"

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Manodo Energy Screen Keeps Tabs on wow)) levitra for sale your Consumption

You're feeling pretty good about yourselves these days. Walking? Check. Cycling? Check. Recycling? Check.

But if there's a nagging feeling that there's more to canadian pharmacy online be done, then a Swedish company has the discount cialis device to help you maintain that guilt complex. The Manodo display from a startup company in Sweden puts green habits to the test.

The device gives household residents all the facts about how much and visit web site cheap fast viagra what is being used, right down to the number of pounds of levitra cheap canada CO2 emissions from your last bath. Imagine having Al Gore living in your house reminding you each time you forget to turn off the lights. The intent is to keep residents aware of how much resources are being consumed through daily activities...and maybe guilt them into changing their ways.

The monitor also provides current information like the weather and when the next tram is scheduled to arrive at the nearest stop. Now being tested in the discount drug cialis hallways of 15 apartments, the Manodo project isn't all about negative feedback. When good green levels in the apartment are reached, a green smiley face appears on the display. How else are you supposed to the best site mexico viagra no prescription know if you're a good person?!

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Where do I get one?
written by Richard, May 02, 2008
you guys have a bad habit of teasing us with tech we could really use to greenify our lives. BUT!! you don't tell us where or how or if we can get it. Help me out here.
written by eatingorange, May 02, 2008
do you have link to this thing?
Does Not Compute
written by Laedelas, May 02, 2008
I'd like to know how much energy this gizmo uses!
written by curt, May 02, 2008
Very nice 'Green Big Brother' gadget.
I simply love the use of Al Gore's name as an Eco reminder, even though, he lives quite a high powered personal life style (but he later offset that many times and he is purchase cialis a real prophet of New Eco Age).
The Eco Prophet
written by Trenton, May 03, 2008
Gore's home is now powered by solar panels and geothermal energy.
written by Josh, May 03, 2008
Texas lets consumers choose their provider. I pay a little extra for wind. I guess it could help me think about using less, but I'd rather just use renewable electricity at home instead of having a device to make me feel bad.
The Manodo web site
written by 0,1,1,2,3,5,8, May 18, 2008
I eventually found the link to the site on treehugger.
written by 0,1,1,2,3,5,8, May 18, 2008
ooops here is the link

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