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JUL 08

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"Cellulosic ethonal sounds a little scary to me... give humans the abil..."

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EcoURLs: Saving the Environment With Social News

I know you like to spread the word about environmental problems and click now viagra online solutions. You probably send email blasts to your family, and save articles to share with friends. When gas prices come up in conversation, you explode with information on Coskata's $1/gallon cellulosic ethanol and the Chevrolet Volt.

But what if there was a better way to share environmental news with even more people. And what if you could do it without leaving your desk! Sounds pretty awesome right?

Well, for the soft tab viagra last few months, Muhammad Saleem and I have been brewing up to help us do just that. It's like a social news site...but better.

Every story at EcoURLs is linked to other social news sites, so you can digg, reddit, stumble, and bookmark at delicious all from one place in a matter of seconds. Thus, if you like the content, you can help promote it at all of these places, and ensure that it gets the traffic it deserves.

The content will be submitted by a hand-picked selection of the best envirobloggers out there. Editors from the biggest and best blogs will be submitting the stories that they care about and think need the most exposure. But it's up to us to help them get that exposure.

So head to and let me know if you like what you see.

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nice website
written by Top Green Cars, July 08, 2008
nice website, let me explore it a little more, but is already bookmarked.
Nice website...but check this out
written by Carl, July 08, 2008
Has anyone looked at the usefull link levitra tablets for sale "Flock" web browser? Deemed as the "Social Web Broswer" it comes loaded with all the green sites and blogs too with a very friendly interface and revolving "green" headlines. Built on buy cialis without prescription the firefox platform it is safe, quick and secure.
Great concept
written by Clinch, July 08, 2008
This sounds like a great idea, and I like that each link has short, but to the point info about it.

However, it takes ages to levitra dosage recommended load up, has no date on the links (to see how new/old the news is) or if they're articles rather than news.
For that matter, I think articles on how to be greener would be better in some kind of 'dummy's guide to being green' wiki, rather than being dispersed amongst news stories, and then being forgotten as old news.
A specified Digg site
written by The Food Monster, July 09, 2008
Sounds like a good specific Eco Digg site. I have it bookmarked now, thanks!
written by Luke, July 09, 2008
great idea, i have bookmarked it along with this site:
written by Jeff, July 09, 2008
Which one of you owns
Support EcoURLs
written by VJ Czar, July 09, 2008
This website is indeed a great move to global awareness. I'm already a part of cialis 20 mg tablet it and have been writing environmental articles.

To everyone who wants to share your ideas, knowledge and thoughts about what's going on in the environment right now, please don't hesitate to drop by at
Link it up Hank!
written by Sarah-Jane, July 09, 2008
Could you make the cheap tramadol buy online list of featured blogs on the right side of the site clickable links? I haven't visited some of them and would like to.

Also, I would say the top navs are too small.

Totally bookmarking it though. Great idea!
Looking forward to EcoURLs
written by Gavin Hudson, July 09, 2008
This looks awesome. I'll be excited to new drug levitra see it when it's ready.
written by Karl, July 09, 2008
Ecourls needs a better RSS feed. The current feed provides no article summaries, no links to articles, and no digg/etc links :/
Great idea
written by David Wescott, July 09, 2008
already added it to and re-tweeted Paul Smith's tweet about it.

Do you have the time & resources & bandwidth to really make this work?
Pour a little more on the fire
written by SnowyNomad, July 12, 2008
Cellulosic ethonal sounds a little scary to me... give humans the ability to unlock the carbon of every plant on the face of the earth in addition to sucking it out of the ground. Albeit better than gas (DoE says its 85% or so better over refined gas) one reason is because of the carbon sequestration of plant while growing, it still adds to our current co2 problem... Electric vehicles (yes, we need to put in money to clean battery technology like scalable lithium or better) takes the power plant out of the vehicle and makes vehicles energy source agnostic... power it with whatever is cleanest and click here generic cialis professional cheapest.... cheapest with the environmental costs factored in. Ever see "Who killed the electric car?" The EV1 was sweet... and things like the Aptera make me want to buy one now ( which I saw through this site... thanks to eco geek for all the great articles!

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