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AUG 20

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"The aid to start-ups is intended to make I.B.M. software, especially i..."

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IBM’s Coaching Companies on viagra delivered on saturday by fedex Going Green

IBM is no slouch when it comes to going green. Now they’re helping others to canadian viagra for sale do the buy kamagra same. The company has started up a Green Sigma consulting practice that coaches businesses on how to reduce their energy and pharmacy levitra water usage to save tons of money, improve their image to customers, and of course help out the environment.

The system uses networked sensors and data analysis software that watches how much is used at a company’s facility as well as its supply chain partners, monitors the numbers, and suggests ways to cut back.

The system is in pilot project mode right now, but we can be pretty sure that if it is relatively successful, companies will be able to utilize it soon. And it has been relatively successful so far. IBM made some big conservation moves of its own and at two of its facilities and at two customers’ facilities to save $310 million. One solution of purchase cialis usa instituting a work-at-home program saved 8 million gallons of gas. IBM improved energy efficiency at its Dublin, Ireland operation by 20%.

Companies are under serious strain to save money in our crummy economy, and show increasingly aware consumers that they’re green at heart so that people will keep buying their product or service. Reducing consumption is really the easiest way to kill two birds with one stone.

Having a company like IBM launch a really serious platform with which to do this on a large scale is encouraging, since it hopefully means we’ll see some actual conservation happening soon.

Via cnet; photo via IBM

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Bottom line and GHGs reductions reconcil
written by marguerite manteau-rao, August 20, 2008
Energy efficiency for biz is such a no brainer. It is one of the areas in green where bottom line and carbon emissions reduction are aligned. Glad IBM is leading the way!

written by Green Kristine, August 21, 2008
Can I get a job there? ;)
Coaching Companies on Going Green
written by Nancyth, April 29, 2010
The aid to start-ups is intended to make I.B.M. software, especially its WebSphere middleware, the preferred technology platform for developers working on the emerging applications in many fields. In short, I.B.M. wants to make its software the equivalent of a Web-based operating system for Smarter Planet-style applications.

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