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AUG 25

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"e-books is not the the best choice generic online viagra answer for regular books. I love to read and cialis for daily use I canĂ..."

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EcoBrain Gets On Top of Paperless Books

There are a lot of ways to get electronic books, like NetLibrary, Kindle, and so forth. But the titles are often limited. EcoBrain is onto this issue, and is providing an eco-sensitive way to get eco-educated.

They’ve started an online book store on environmental studies that is totally paperless. The main goal of the company is to reduce the environmental impact of reading. Going paperless is a sure-fire way to do that.

Readers can choose from hundreds of books in different areas, from environmental studies to fiction, from memoirs to 5 mg cialis canada day hikes, from green building to gardening, from renewable energy to kids books. While there are hundreds of titles, it’s a bit of a bummer that it is so niche. But a whole lot of other sites have the ebook thing covered, so niche marketing works in this case.

The company is only a year old, and more titles are rapidly being added to the library. The downloaded formats work with Adobe Reader, Palm Reader or Microsoft Reader, and there is also a selection of audiobooks in MP3 format. So if you’re running out of green reading material, can’t find many eco-titles at NetLibrary, or haven’t yet gotten your hands on a Kindle, EcoBrain is worth a look-see.

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written by boohoo, August 25, 2008
I wish the idea of E-books would go away. I understand e-magazines possibly, but I really can't stare at a monitor for hours to read a book. I would be blind in a months time if only e-books were available. I think the levitra medication who vision issue is why e-books will never be a big deal on levitra side effects the consumer market.
re: boohoo
written by Rashidk, August 25, 2008
The idea of staring at a computer screen is painful, however, an e-book reader does not use a standard computer screen. e-readers use e-ink technology with no backlight and only uses energy to "turn" pages, not actually display them. These e-readers are made specifically for reading and have absolutely NO eye strain. The only problem is that e-books at the moment are infested with DRM, are not any cheaper than regular books, and that e-readers themselves are still too expensive for the average consumer.


Is it any more friendly?
written by KrisB, August 26, 2008
I would be interested to know what research, if any, exists that demonstrates that the environmental cost of reading a book for hours from a computer that requires power less than the environmental cost of producing a book. Does EcoGeek have anything that indicates this?
what's wrong with paper
written by paul, August 26, 2008
Paper is renewable, it's made with renewable water, and it's a carbon bank.

Looks like upsides to viagraovernight me.
written by alan, August 26, 2008
we need to see a move towards more e-textbooks. every semester my professors have us buy these gigantic textbooks, some of which we hardly read. Then the next semester half of them come out with a new edition and they are useless!..can't sell em, and you can't imagine how many students end up throwing out these thick reams of paper!
written by Herno, August 27, 2008
e-books is not the answer for regular books. I love to read and I can´t imagine reading a book without the generic levitra uk overnight delivery sound of me turning pages or the beautiful smell of generic viagra online an old book! With text books is the same, I can´t study from a screen, can´t highlight things either but maybe in the newer e-readers it could be an option, but still, it´s not the same. I´m with you in reducing the amount of paper, but books have to remain books!

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