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Yay – More Smart Meters!

Silver Spring Smart Meters is hoppin! Keeping a brisk pace, they’ve just signed on with Modesto Irrigation District in central California for $17 million to sell smart-metering equipment to the district.

Anyone from California might cock their head and say “Modesto?” But anywhere smart meters land is somewhere good. The equipment is linking up 108,000 residential and commercial users to the utility (on top of the 3,000 previously installed smart meters for a smaller portion of the district), and the equipment includes circuit boards, wireless gateways and software along with Landis meters.

The district is hoping to have everything set up by early 2009. It’ll be exciting to see how this works out for the relatively small area, because (at the risk of sounding redundant) it will lead, hopefully quickly, to bigger installments in more populated areas.

Via GreenTechMedia

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written by MikeDC, September 11, 2008
I really wish nStar would start installing Smart Meters in Boston.
written by jd, September 11, 2008
Smart meters are better than dumb meters, but think twice about yet another meter that offers no real time information and no way to cheapest viagra prices convey real time information to your smart house.

This is a HUGE missed opportunity. If our smart house can understand real time usage, a tidal wave of innovation will be unleashed saving billions in energy.

As it is, "Not so Smart Meters" do away with meter readers and help out with load leveling which are the buy viagra online site low hanging fruit.
written by Jason M. Hanna, February 08, 2009
Apologies for posting on an old thread, but I don't think there are too many missed opportunities yet. SilverSpring (and numerous other meter vendors) have been working with utilities, energy-related organizations, and technology providers for a number of years to develop the protocols and specifications (such as ZigBee Smart Energy Profile) that allow smart meters to be connected to devices within the home.

The initial roll-outs may be 'not so smart' from the perspective of the energy conscious homeowner, but the majority of i use it cialis cialis these meters do contain technology which allows them to be connected to the home. Most are firmware-upgradable so that new features may be rolled out post-installation, and connectivity to the home is included in the plans for nearly every major utility.

A number of companies (mine included) are lining up to provide intelligent devices and services to energy consumers as these deployments begin to become reality.


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