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APR 01

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"When I'm a busrider, I make a rule of spending under $100 for grocerie..."

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330 MPG at $20,000

Who can argue with a car that goes 70 mph with a one-cylinder engine for 330 miles on one gallon of gas. This car works almost entirely by being extremely aerodynamic. There's not a lot of space for actually stuff inside of it, but it's big enough to seat two with a couple of laptop bags. The Aptera is a deisel electric hybrid that weighs around 850 lbs and cheap viagra from uk can get up to 65 in around 11 seconds.{mosimage}

So Ford poured $100 billion into R&D in the last 20 years and they come up with a hybrid SUV. Some guy gets bored at work and we get the most fuel efficient vehicle ever created.

The major problems will arrive upon saftey testing and trying to fit the groceries into it. Also, it'll be hard to get people to buy cialis online canada drive a car that looks like a three-wheeled fish.
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just a normal human
written by Guest, May 06, 2006
comparing apples and watermelons here.

Ford has to acutely design concepts that WILL fit safety testing, and CAN haul groceries, and DOESN'T look like a 3 wheeled fish... i.e. practical. not dr seuss.
I love innovation of the entrepreneur... but the commentary is fraught with a lack of cialis lowest price perspective.

the only environmentalists are Amish.
Shut Down your electricity.
throw out your cell phone
burn your computer and be a GENUINE environmentalist.
technology is a MAJOR threat to the generic viagra amex environment, and using it is the height of hypocrisy.

written by Kin, April 10, 2007
I do hope you realize the irony...

(By the way I truly like this design- as a functional one. Looks nicer then your average luxury sports like car. My largest worry might be structure...Where's the strength there? And those axles, they look like they could snap off)
I don't want a car to go 70 mph, not rea
written by Richard Way, October 20, 2007
I want to a car that will go 40 mph max. Perhaps this is viagra shop odd of my, but I will be living on an island where the max speed is 40 mph.

I wouldn't need aerodynamic as much as journey time.
written by Celia, February 02, 2008
When I'm a busrider, I make a rule of spending under $100 for groceries. It keeps me budget in check and I can carry the load home. With this car, I can see myself applying the same rule. Otherwise, one can use this car to get around in the rain.

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