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Google Earth Goes Green

googleunepWho doesn't love Google Earth. It's beautiful, it's powerful, it's surprising and womans cialis interesting.  But now, because of a collaboration with the UN Environment Programme, Google Earth has gone green. Start up your copy and then check the 'featured content' area under layers.  You'll find there a UNEP layer which, if you click, will give you areas all across the world where you can observe the effects of humans on the Earth with satellite imagery. 

The expansion of buy cialis in canada no prescription Las Vegas, the deforestation of the try it buy viagra professional Amazon, the recession of glaciers in Greenland.  Be patient with the loading, as it can take a little while, but this is really powerful stuff.  Every time something a little bit evil comes out of Google, twenty amazing projects like this show up.  In fact, I think there'll be another green announcement from Google later on viagra pharmacy in india in the day.  So keep your eyes out.
Via NewScientist 
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