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OCT 16

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"This is really cool Open Source Green Software. Most Open Source Green..."

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NREL Helps Green Building Designers with Updated Software

One of the most important changes we can make in the buy tramadol cheap online fight against climate change is to make buildings more energy efficient both through retrofitting existing buildings and making new construction ultra-efficient.  Luckily, that task is becoming easier for building designers.  The National Renewable Energy Laboratory released an updated plug-in for Google's SketchUp building modeling software this week, expanding the potential for architects and designers to implement green building features from the drawing board.

The OpenStudio plug-in brings more energy efficiency modeling tools to the open-source software.  Designers can now easily determine the best window placement or solar panel positioning and because the plug-in is integrated with NREL's EnergyPlus software, the building's heating, cooling, lighting and ventiliation systems can all be simulated.

SketchUp also can pull data from Google Earth, allowing users to cheap viagra with fast delivery enter in the exact longitude and latitude of the building location and see how landscape features can influence their design.  All of these tools will allow designers to keep energy efficiency in mind from the very beginning through the end of a project, meaning any inefficient designs can be cast off right away, saving time and money.

Ultimately, NREL would like OpenStudio to also link in with construction-cost databases to factor in building costs and cheap cialis prices with the viagra and diarrhea LEED certification program to allow designers to meet LEED standards even at the modeling stage.

The OpenStudio plug-in for SketchUp is now compatible with Windows 7, Linux and Snow Leopard.

via Earth2Tech

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written by Nick Grant, October 16, 2009
I tried to find some sort of online levitra cheap getting started tutorial or documentation for Open Studio but couldn't. Any leads? Found the you tube trailer but is not a how to.
written by dialtone, October 17, 2009
there has been a very energy efficient and strong type of building around for decades - it is a geodesic dome - not so good for a large office complex - but great for houses - trouble is everyone just says "but it's round" or some other stupid thing like that
written by shamisen, October 20, 2009
It's good to hear that efforts are being pushed for the betterment of our mother earth.
Open source green software
written by Kirsty, October 20, 2009
This is really cool Open Source Green Software. Most Open Source Green Software is yellow and stale, this stuff is really good. I especially like the way the cap unscrews with very small effort in order to buy generic viagra india start the software in my computer.

Windows 7 makes for green computing through redirection of electrons into the online order viagra overnight delivery hard disk drive from the video controller.

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