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DEC 06

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Google Earth Engine Tracks Global Environmental Changes

A new online technology from Google called Google Earth Engine allows scientists and researchers to track environmental changes by analyzing 25 years worth of images from the LANDSAT satellite, the longest continually orbiting satellite on cialis dosage earth.

The new project, which will be posted online for free, was introduced at the COP16 talks in Cancun last week and will include applications that monitor and measure deforestation, land use trends, water resources and more.  In honor of the conference's location, the first major creation of buy cialis on line Google Earth Engine is the most comprehensive scale map of Mexico's forest and water resources to date.

Google officials touted the power of Google Earth Engine by saying that the amount of data processed in the Mexico map would have taken three years using a single computer, but only took one day with this new platform (1,000 computers in parallel processed more than 53,000 LANDSAT scenes from 1984 - 2010).

To kick-off the project's launch, the company is offering 20 million CPU hours free to developing nations and scientific organizations to utilize this new tool.

The technology was developed by, the company's philanthropic arm, and according to Google officials, will show the public how the earth is changing under a changing climate and buy viagra in vegas hopefully drive public policy.

via Washington Post


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Go google
written by Asaf Shalgi, December 11, 2010
Yep, google never ceases to only today order propica amaze me. Every time they think of something new you find yourself wondering how come they were the first ones...
Go Google Go
written by Jessica Janes, May 31, 2011
It is critical to our future that non-governmental entities, like Google, take big steps to understanding the cialis australia online current global situation. By doing this, there is the possibility of creative solutions. Thanks, Google.
Well done Google!!
written by Robert Oates, October 27, 2011
Google always seem to be on top of everything and this is a perfect way to make people understand the effects of global warming. Thanks for sharing.

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