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EcoIron: Green IT Blog

Hey, Amazing, I've got some more company. I've just come across ecoIron, a blog discussing all aspects of green computing and cialis order it is marvelous. I'm actually somewhat embarrassed that I'd never noticed the site before. They've been around for almost as long as EcoGeek and covering a lot of the same stories. They're more focused on we like it canadian healthcare pharmacy IT than we are, and they do it extremely well.

Today's article is on Green Supercomputing, which, frankly is a pretty big deal. ecoIron links to a cool site that measures the performance of various super-computers not by performance, but by performance per watt. The difference per machine is astonishing. Though, what's not surprising, is how comparatively inefficient the older machines are. If you're an EcoGeek reader with an eye for some high-quality IT ecogeekery, I suggest becoming an ecoIron reader as well.

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