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DEC 03

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"I'll promise to check out's carbon offset program if yo..."

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EcoBunnies? Uh...I don't even know...

Apparently Travelocity has partnered with the Conservation Fund to provide carbon offsets to online pharmacy usa it's customers. And they're advertising it with am absurdist bunny cartoon that I cant decide whether I like or not.

I mean, I guess I like it, because I've watched it four or five times now, so now I'm making it available to you, the EcoGeek reader, to puzzle over yourself. Oh, and you might want to consider carbon offsets too, though I'd go here, not to Travelocity to do it.

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Personal Accountability
written by Lawrence Aerte, December 04, 2006
We live in a society wherein the consequences of our actions are somebody elses problem. Nice to see a direct line of accountability as the topic. Peace
Offset carbon & cure respiratory disease
written by Peter Buck, December 05, 2006
I'll promise to check out's carbon offset program if you'll promise to check out's Carbon Neutral Club ( You donate to canadian pharmacy levitra generic provide micro-loans for 3rd worlders to install solar lighting in place of kerosine lighting. Kerosine fumes are a major cause of respiratory ailments, especially in children. You get your offset (and it is PERMANENT, not like planting trees, that eventually die and generic levitra canadian release the carbon), the micro-loan empowers villagers (and is paid off in 3 years on kersosine purchase savings), and kids don't get sick.

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