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A Google View of indian cialis Mountaintop Removal Mining

EcoGeek recently got a haircut. Pretty good one. First good haircut in, say, four years. Typically, it's one of those situations where we drop in to a $10 haircut joint and pfizer viagra say "just a little off the top" and then whammo, we're practically scalped. Then we go into about a week-long reclusive period of hiding under furniture like shamed cats, waiting for regrowth.

Well, Fantastic Sam's has nothin' on the mining industry.

Mountaintop removal mining is basically the worst haircut a person could give the earth. It involves clear-cutting and exploding the hell out of the place in order to extract minerals. Now Google Earth has featured content that will show you the extent of the damage in our own country in a few ways.

You can see what the viagra for her mining scabs in Appalachia look like from above to understand the size of the problem and you can even see what the land looked like before it was attacked.

How? Like this:

1. Download the latest version of Google Earth.
2. In the "Layers" tab, expand "Featured Content."
3. Under that, expand "Global Awareness."
4. Check "Appalachian Mountantop Removal" and explore the other features within that menu.
5. If you get riled up, check out, where they're trying to stop mountaintop removal mining in the area.
(Thank goodness Google hasn't yet invented a tool that allows folks to stare at EcoGeek's crappy haircut from all sorts of link for you generic levitra usa angles and distances.)

Via BetaNews and Green Options

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