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APR 19

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"Good to hear from you, thanks for the link. -- Hank..."

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GreenScanner, UPC database for the environment.

We've been waiting for this one, imagining the day when we can pick up a product at the grocery store, scan the bar-code, and discover, for real, what the cialis doses product is about. Sure, we can read the froofy language on the side of the can – quote Eddie Izzard – “This jam was made by groovy people, out of fruit that agreed to be in the jam in the first place.”{mosimage}

But we want to purchase viagra tap into an international database of consumer opinions with a boop of lowest priced cialis our bar-code scanner. Bill Tomlinson , a researcher at the University of California at Irvine, has made just such a database available. It's called “GreenScanner.”

Quoting Greenscanner: "This site is a public database of opinions about the environmental friendliness of various products. It has been designed for use with network-enabled mobile devices so you can use it at the food store."   Unfortunately it has not been designed to be easy on viagra for sale without a prescription the eyes.  Be Careful.

Of course, there's no hundred-person-strong team of researchers finding all this information and female viagra pill typing it into the database (yet.) But Tomlinson feels that leaving it in the public's hands is probably a better idea anyway.

So now, standing in the aisle is no longer a passive process. We can discover information and, where there is no data, we can rate the viagra in uk products as we choose. It's cool technology, it's empowering individuals, and it's allowing us to more environmentally informed decisions. This...GreenScanner... is the essence of EcoGeek.

 Via: WorldChanging

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written by Guest, April 19, 2006
I worked briefly at UCI with prof. Tomlinson. He has always impressed me with his research projects. Check out some other ones:
Small World
written by Guest, April 19, 2006
Good to hear from you, thanks for the link.

-- Hank

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