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APR 22

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"My dream is of a place and cheap viagra no prescription overnight a time where America will once again be see..."

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Google Earth Day Logos

google earth day
Here we have it, Google's Earth Day logos from 2002 to 2007. Not only can you trace a substantial increase in awesomeness, but if you look hard you can also kinda see the recent history of levitra female the environmental movement.

The first three years (2001 can be seen here) show the Earth from a distance. If you remember 2001 through 2003, it wasn't a great time for the environmental movement. America and the only for you viagra legal world were occupied with other things and Bush had asserted his environmental agenda without much resistance.

But then in '04 and '05 there was a change, Google decides, instead of a distant view, to observe the adorable aspects of our planet. Happy fish and squirrels storing nuts in the crook of the 'g.' Google, in a sense, discovered nature.

And then in '06 we see Google gone EcoGeeky. Alternative energy was starting it's boom (that is still, a year later, in it's early days). This is around when launched, so I remember being excited about that logo. Suddenly the logo had shifted from cutesy to a serious, though still positive, representation of Earth Day.

But now, in '07, we see a real change. The consensus concerning human-created climate change has grown, the environmental challenges facing our world are more significant. This logo directly reflects climate change and is a fairly serious reminder of the challenges we face.

So the environment has gone from distant, to cute, to important, to vital...and it's all happened since Google making their fancy holiday logos...just six years ago.
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written by Billy Shih, April 23, 2007
Sweet, I was looking for these! I love the progression :)
written by Adrianne, April 23, 2007
It is so wonderful to see the progress, but also to notice that, if in 2005 the issue was the environment, in 2006 it was alternative energy and now the focus is on the ocean. I was reading first on buy viagra online no prescription about it and I noticed more and just try! cheap levitra pills more sites debate the idea that the ocean may have some answers regarding global warming.
written by anthonilawrance, September 27, 2007
written by YOEL, June 04, 2008
HI im a gay boy lol ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
written by YOEL, June 04, 2008
I love kids ;D :D ;) :)
Happy Earth Day
written by Earthy, March 14, 2014
My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.
Abraham Lincoln ... Happy earth day

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