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Cell Phones Tell Owners When Not To Breathe

The ecogeeks at have created a cell phone widget that will provide live air quality reports that update automatically as the cell phone (and its breathing owner) moves about. Using data from Environmental Protection Agency air monitoring stations, the cell program will harness GPS technologies available through uLocate Communications' WHERE Platform. That means no more sending textys offering up your current city or zip code - your phone will know where it is - and it will know if you should be wearing a SARS mask.

The WHERE Platform uses the same GPS-based technology that MapQuest Find Me does with one important difference - it's open source. Anyone with enough spare time to learn WHERE mark-up language and scripting can get crakin' on their own mobile program. NearBio claims to have written their clean air program in under 24 hours, and they also recently belted out a cell phone app that locates biodiesel fueling stations nearby. So what say you EcoGeeks? Are you up to the challenge of programming your own planet friendly cell widget?

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