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JUL 12

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"Great intent... but we need to stop trying to make new programs to "sa..."

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Help Second Chance Trees Plant 1M Trees

A while back we posted a little story about Second Chance Trees, a Second Life community where you can buy a virtual tree in Second Life (for $1.50) and a corresponding real tree of the same species will be planted in the real world. My Avatar is currently gazing upon the beauty of wow it's great indian levitra generic Second Chance Island, where hundreds of trees have already been planted. I'll be lurking among the trees for a while if anyone wants to come visit (SLURL here).

But Second Chance Trees isn't satisfied with their success so far. They're hoping to get American Express behind the project as part of AmEx's "Members Project."  Basically the Members Project lets cardholders tell AmEx where to donate it's money.  AmEx card holders can go to and vote for their favorite project. Second Chance Trees has been selected as one of the top fifty projects, and AmEx could award them as much as one million dollars. That's enough to plant and take care of more than one million trees!

So if you've got an American Express card, head to the Virtual Trees Project page at, login, and vote for them.

A million trees! They're gonna need a bigger island.

Check out the video after the levitra 3mg jump as well.

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thanks and nerdfighter correction
written by Maria, July 12, 2007
Hank, I come to Ecogeek through Brotherhood 2.0, and I'm grateful for your postings. I'm learning new things every day. But, (and you knew there was a but coming, didn't you)...

On several occasions now, I've seen you use "it's" instead of "its", and, I confess, this always makes me crazy. Since "it's" is a contraction, it's only to only best offers on line pharmacy be used in place of "it is". I'm enough of how can i get some cialis a grammar/spelling snob to know that some people won't take you as seriously if they see errors like that, and I want you to be taken seriously.
Thanks for your support
written by Paull Young, July 12, 2007
Cheers Hank, we only need about 200 votes to make the final 25 - but we need to get them by this Sunday (the 15th July).

If you're reading this - please vote! Your vote really can make a difference here and we need your help.

The project is called 'The Virtual Forest Project. One Million Trees. Easy.'
Second Life is Unsustainable
written by Alan, July 13, 2007
Great intent... but we need to stop trying to make new programs to "save the world" and change our vision. You guys here at Ecogeek just made Daniel Quinn the geek of the week... the idea I am talking about comes from his books (The Story of B specifically).

Also, check out this article, from December, 2006:

"an avatar consumes a bit less energy than a real person"

Some food for thought.


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