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JUL 30

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"The Solio charger is pretty cool but you should check out the next gen..."

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PC World's Greenest of Tech.

PC World has just come out with a fabulous little top ten list of the greenest tech products out there. While there's room to dissagree with some items on the price of viagra in canada list, overall I'm quite pleased with what they've come up with. There's even some things I've never seen before.

While the old standards like HP's Long-life desktop, the Zonbox, the Asus Ecobook and the Solio solar charger of course make the list, I'd never heard of "green print" before. And EcoGeek is somewhat ashamed to cheapest prices on levitra have never blogged about the newly launched "greenest host" hosting services. We'll have to jump on that ASAP.

Check it out, the list is full of stuff that's already on enter site 50 mg viagra my wishlist.
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Solio is good but Surge may be better
written by Solar Chargers Depot, January 19, 2010
The Solio charger is pretty cool but you should check out the next generation iPhone Solar Charger from NovoThink. The Surge is Apple Certified and uses the 30 pin connector.

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