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British City Heat Mapping Houses for Efficiency

Another clear example of a tipping point would come when people would become ashamed of being energy hogs, of pursuing an abusively wasteful energy lifestyle. When people would not want to leave a light on outside all night out of buy levitra online canada concern from 'what the neighbors might say.' Well, this looks like this might be starting to be the case and buying viagra with no prescription technology is playing a role.

The City of Haringey in the UK has developed a "Home Heat Loss" program. As part of that, they have paid for an aerial thermal survey which they overlaid with a local map to quickly identify what homes are energy efficient and which are, well, not ... (the interactive map). Basically, the bluer the house, the more efficient it is. The redder ... well burning hot in terms of power losses.

The sole aim of the project is to sale cialis assist residents with properly insulating their properties. Therefore please ensure that you read the associated pages on energy efficiency and the grant assistance that may be available to you.

Note that they are serious in terms of trying to foster savings, with links to discussion of energy efficiency and grant assistance instructions. I think they should start giving out yard signs that say "My House is a Blue House," that should get the Jones's goat.

Have to say, this is the sort of thing an Energy Smart culture would do.

Tip of buy levitra us the hat to Jetson Green.

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written by jungle, September 13, 2007
Great idea! It'd be good to soft levitra see this extended across cities nationwide - and indeed to other countries.

(Although I should point out Haringey is actually a borough of London, not a stand-alone city)
Ask the buy low price levitra Utility Company?
written by doug, September 14, 2007
Wouldn't it be faster, easier and cheaper for the city to just access the utility records for the houses instead of spending money on high-tech gadgets that only give a snapshot idea of energy usage?
Ask the utility company
written by Hank, September 14, 2007
Probably, the records are confidential. But, additionally, the power use will probably be more correlated to the size of the building than the amount of insulation. Measuring heat lost gets you exactly the people who need to insulate more...and no one else.

Pretty cool. Maybe Google should start working on purchase levitra online this.
written by Valerie, September 14, 2007
If this ever became a live/online mapping system designed to shame people into watching their usage, I would worry about it being used by undesireables. A cold house is potentially an empty house, where no one is home.
Insulation in roof spaces - sky heating
written by John Bone, September 14, 2007
As the British Building Code is now asking for at least 270mm to 300mm (11inchs to female herbal cialis 12 inches) of mineral wool roof void insualtion. It is not too hard to become a buler house. As most houses built in Britian before 1970 had ZERO roof insulation, and so these are the RED houses in the sky thermal photos.

John Bone, MBEng BSc Hons
(Building Code Control Surveyor)
I wouldn't worry about buglars
written by Ryan Baker, September 16, 2007
I rather doubt the the best place buy cheap online viagra data will be upto date enough to be useful to burglars. If a house is cold for months it's probably not only unoccupied by people but also unoccupied by valuable items.

Great idea. I wonder if you could do aerial recogonition of SUVs in driveways and point them out too?
A technique found in Freakanomics
written by StockRake, September 16, 2007
The author of canadian generic cialis online Freakonomics pointed out that embarrassment was the one thing that got mothers to drop their kids off to class on time. They were ok paying fines for doing so, but once the teacher posted a list of everyone who was late to the class and other moms, everyone made class on time. Similar concept with the opening sentence of this post.
Data Protection and Spy Planes
written by Phil Burrows, December 08, 2008
Birmingham has used aerial thermal imaging for a long time. When I was the project officer for the Green Doctor scheme in Moseley (a suburb of Birmingham), we found people that are vulnerable to order levitra canada fuel poverty using these images.
I agree (with Doug) it would be easier for utility companies to do click here viagra non prescription this themselves, but sadly data sharing between energy companies, charities and it's cool cialis discount government are restricted by data protection.
Cavity wall and loft insulation grants
written by Grants for Insulation, May 11, 2011
There really is no excuse now for not insulating properly, with the home insulation grants available you can save up £225 a year with both cavity wall and loft insulation fitted. The grants mean the insulation pays for itself in less than two years. So not only are you saving on your carbon footprint, you are actually saving money which for most is the main incentive.

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