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"Ma-Ti was my main man! Don't you be dissin' the Planeteers. >:( Ea..."

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Eco Creatures: Save the generic cialis europe Forest With Your DS

This isn't really a story about saving the planet... unless you consider the planet to be the world inside your Nintendo DS, in which case, we feel for you. Here's something you can thus play to keep your virtual world eco friendly: Eco Creatures: Save the Forest.

Eco Creatures: Save the Forest is a 2008 video game title in development for the Nintendo DS by Majesco Entertainment. The game hits on all your typical environmental themes including deforestation, pollution, global warming and industrialization. Your job is low cost canadian viagra to rally the cute animals of Mana Woods in a real time strategy environment to protect their home and restore the polluted land. No word on whether the cute n' fuzzies get to team up and devour lumber company executives or not...

Eco Creatures: Save the Forest sounds like an interesting concept and all, but will anyone actually buy it? I'm reminded of buy tramadol without the levitra priese tremendous lameness of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. That being said, at least it might get kids thinking about the environment...even if they don't ever get to actually experience it anymore.

Screenshots via IGN
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But I like captain planet
written by rene, September 17, 2007
sure I might be aging myself, but I grew up on captain planet I kinda miss the blue and green guy. earth wind water air..... heart? man those were trippy days!
Captain Planet was not lame
written by foo, September 18, 2007
Captain Planet was great, and I would totally play that game.
Captain Planet rocks!
written by notl33t, September 18, 2007
Ma-Ti was my main man! Don't you be dissin' the Planeteers. >:(

Earth Wind Water Air . . . and Heart! Go Planet!

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