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EPA Starts Testing Pesticides. Finally.

Those crazy folks over at the buy viagra without prescription in usa EPA are at it again. Only thirteen years after the passage of the 1996 Food Quality Protection Act, the EPA is ready to start testing pesticides for their potential effects on the endocrine system of animals and buy internet cialis humans.

The EPA announced on Wednesday that it would finally start testing 67 of the most commonly used pesticides. The testing protocols, long anticipated by the agriculture and chemical industry, are now ready for implementation.

The endocrine system regulates the growth, metabolism, and reproduction for both animals and humans. Researchers have long feared that pesticides introduced into the environment have been affecting aquatic species. For example, some male fish in the canadian drugs cialis Potomac River have been found carrying eggs – indicating hormone irregularity.

Testing begins this summer and will eventually grow to include the hundreds of pesticides used in industrial agriculture. Still, don’t expect definitive results any time soon. Linda Phillips who runs the Endocrine Disrupter Screening Program anticipates it will take about two years to obtain usable data from the study and then another year for the EPA to issue its findings.

While it may be too late to online order viagra help the egg bearing male fish and the hermaphroditic frogs that are popping up with frightening regularity, these tests are a signal that the levitra cialis viagra price EPA will finally start implementing thorough testing procedures for the thousands of chemicals that are dumped into our environment every day. And that is good choice levitra uk well worth the wait.

Via The Washington Post


Al Gore Bringing .eco to the Web

When people think of Al Gore, they probably first think of his involvement in drawing attention to the climate crisis. After that, they may think of his involvement (embellished and true) with the Internet. Well, Al Gore is bringing those two facets of his life together by trying to create an environment-specific domain for the web.

Gore and his Alliance for Climate Protection are partnering with Dot Eco LLC, a group of order levitra pill Hollywood and the best site soft viagra tablets environmental-activist types, to apply for the .eco domain on the web. The domain will be used for companies, organizations or websites promoting environmental causes and a majority of the profits from the sale of those domain names will go to environmental philanthropies.

The Dot Eco group includes director Davis Guggenheim who worked on "An Inconvenient Truth" with Gore, actor Roger Moore, author Richard Muller who sits on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Jim Dufour of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The group was formed to secure and operate the .eco domain and joins major cities around the world who are all applying to ICANN for specific domain extensions.

The Alliance for Climate Protection hopes that the new domain will be a new source of fundraising and way of creating awareness for environmental issues. Don't look for the domain anytime soon though. The application process will probably last until the end of order cheap viagra the year.


RMI's Interactive Oil Import Map

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) are some of our favorite EcoGeeks. They have long advocated getting away from the import of foreign oil for America's energy needs.

To help illustrate the look there levitra pharmacy in india point, they now have an interactive global map that shows oil imports to the United States on a month-by month basis since 1973. With this map, you can see where oil is coming from, as well as relative volumes.

RMI has proposed a four prong plan for ending oil imports and increasing energy self-sufficiency in the U.S. They advocate "saving half the oil America uses, and substituting cheaper alternatives for the other half" through doubling the efficiency of the oil that is currently used, adopting superlight vehicles to improve transportation efficiency, developing domestic biofuels to offset another quarter of current consumption and where to get non prescription viagra increasing efficiency of natural gas use. According to RMI, by 2050 it would be possible for the United States to be "completely off oil."

Since we've just spent the last week paying a lot of attention to all the new vehicles being proposed at this year's North American International Auto Show, now is a good time to be thinking about the energy sources those vehicles will need to work from in the coming years.

As we have often pointed out, transforming energy consumption patterns is not going to generic pack levitra be an overnight project. Long term strategies need to be developed to migrate the country into patterns that will be supportable in the future.

Thanks, John B

link: Rocky Mountain Institute


Obama Starts Social Questions Site

Considering how long they've had to do this, it's pretty freaking amazing...the Obama administration, at, has just put up an online question asking and rating system that is, really, quite robust and useful.

Of course, I will direct you immediately to the Energy and Environment section, where the 20 mg cialis cost top rated questions have to do with intercity rail projects (excellent), distributed power (excellent) and  renewables vs. nuclear (excellent).

All excellent questions! It makes you realize that Americans aren't...well...quite as stupid as the rest of the world assumes we are. Going down the list, in fact, I see a whole lot of really intelligent questions concerning our energy and environmental future. The Obama "team" plans to answer some of the top-rated questions in the new year.

The questions range from extremely broad to extremely specific, and from energy issues to fedex overnight delivery tramadol overnight delivery preserving habitat for predators in Alaska. And some of the questions are extremely poignant and important, like this one:

"What types of generic cialis india serious and effective incentives will the new administration propose to force China, India and cialis canada prescription other major polluters into compliance with environmental agreements such as Kyoto 2 (or even less stringent regulations)?"

Whoo...that's a doozy...

But it's worth clicking through and seeing how many EcoGeeks there are out there asking intelligent questions and, more than anything, actually interested in being a part of the political process. Nothing like an intelligent discussion of energy policy straight from the mouths of Americans (and filtered with a Web 2.0 application)  to make me believe in America again.


This Computer Knows Where You Should Live

Holy crap if this isn't amazing! I just discovered a website that knows exactly where you should live.

Simply stick in the addresses of all of the places that you and members of your family regularly go (grocery stores, work place, daycare, dog walking, strip club, whatever) and this awesome little machine will weight them appropriately and then tell you where exactly, within your town, you can live using the least amount of best levitra prices gas.

Now, it might not find you a place in the nicest neighborhood, or with the most appropriate median home values, but it will decrease your commute time. And, frankly, driving can be the worst part of many people's lives. I know, because I once had a gigantically evil commute, and was a worse person because of it.

This, combined with my favorite home-locating site, Walkscore, could definitely provide home-buyers with some much needed tools to determine whether that cheap 4-bedroom in the new suburb is really a better deal than the pricier 3-bedroom in town.

The application calculated that I should live on the railroad in the middle of an abandoned lumber mill. Which, actually, is surprisingly apt. The abandoned lumber mill is one of the most central locations in town, and developers are currently working to convert it into a densely built, green community.

Well done computer! I think I may move there...once there are houses.

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