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How Many Fortune 500 Companies Does it Take to Kill the Light Bulb?

{mosimage} is viagra herbal an absolutely gorgeous website (which can also be found at that is keeping tabs on viagra onlime sales the spread of compact fluorescent light bulbs across the United States. The site was created by a coalition, the largest members of which are Yahoo! and Wal-Mart, but also includes Environmental Defense and viagra 24 hour delivery uk the EPA.

Every state and reasonably large city (including my quaint little city, Missoula) has data represented at the site. That data is then broken down into dollars saved, pounds of coal saved and CO2 not released into the atmosphere.

The idea behind 18Seconds, and the get viagra prescription coalition of companies, municipalities and organizations that support it, is that it only takes 18 Seconds (and several Fortune 500 companies) to change a light bulb. So why hasn't everyone done it yet?

I agree with them, it's a simple change that can have a profound effect. I applaud them in their effort, but expect that the low-quality bulbs Wal-Mart is selling is doing the cause more harm than good. More on that later.

In any case, the site is certainly worth a look, and if any EcoGeek out there is still buying Edison bulbs, for chrissake stop!


Taking Power Save Into Your Own Hands


Windows Vista is soon going to begin advertising it's abilities to dramatically reduce the electricity costs of running a personal computer. The improvements in power save functions implemented by Vista, though, are fairly simple. Indeed, the question on my mind is cheap viagra no prescription "Why didn't they do it before now!"
I'm really not sure, but if you want to save up to $100 bucks a year on your electricity bill, while doing your part to mitigate environmental impacts of computing, you should check out LocalCooling.

LocalCooling provides a really simple application that introduces some powerful power-saving functionality to viagra in australia for sale Windows XP. The system also catalogs how much power it saves and sends that information back to the website. The software actually reads your system information so it knows exactly how much power your system draws. And, thus, exactly how much power can be saved by spinning down your hard disks, turning off your monitor and

That way, the LocalCooling site can keep track of tramadol for dogs safe how much power the software has saved (so far, around 6000 kwh.) The goal of LocalCooling is to be installed on 100,000,000 PCs across the world and thus prevent the try it viagra pill release of 300 billion kilograms of CO2 per year.

I'm happy to be a part of it, you should try it out too.


EcoBunnies? Uh...I don't even know...

Apparently Travelocity has partnered with the Conservation Fund to provide carbon offsets to it's customers. And they're advertising it with am absurdist bunny cartoon that I cant decide whether I like or not.

I mean, I guess I like it, because I've watched it four or five times now, so now I'm making it available to you, the EcoGeek reader, to puzzle over yourself. Oh, and you might want to consider carbon offsets too, though I'd go here, not to Travelocity to lowest price levitra do it.


EcoIron: Green IT Blog

Hey, Amazing, I've got some more company. I've just come across ecoIron, a blog discussing all aspects of green computing and use viagra it is marvelous. I'm actually somewhat embarrassed that I'd never noticed the site before. They've been around for almost as long as EcoGeek and covering a lot of the same stories. They're more focused on IT than we are, and they do it extremely well.

Today's article is on Green Supercomputing, which, frankly is a pretty big deal. ecoIron links to a cool site that measures the performance of various super-computers not by performance, but by performance per watt. The difference per machine is astonishing. Though, what's not surprising, is how comparatively inefficient the older machines are. If you're an EcoGeek reader with an eye for some high-quality IT ecogeekery, I suggest becoming an ecoIron reader as well.


Yahoo Green Autos


Yahoo has created an excellent new 'Green' section to They've established some kind of very good site canadian healthcare pharmacy rating system (1-100) that will, hopefully, be updated as today's green cars pale in comparison to tomorrows.  They've also provided a labeling system to easily show what powers a car (hybrid, bio-diesel, ethanol and natural gas.)

Hats off to the team at Yahoo! for making this system available to the public.

Via TreeHugger

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