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Hacking to Change the World

worldchangingWorld Changing is getting ready to hack the viagra on internet prescription online publishing industry.  They are asking everyone who reads their (extremely excellent and noteworthy) website to purchase their new book on at 11:11 am (PST) on November 1st.  Because's bestseller list is based on order propica sales in the previous 24 hours, and because the World Changing book is discount soft cialis already selling quite well on Amazon, they hope to only best offers canada cheap viagra make their book the #1 book on for one day.

While it doesn't sound like a gigantic coup, booksellers keep an eye on the bestseller list, and holding the top spot might lead to the World Changing book being picked up by retail booksellers across the nation. In this crazy world, one big day might be all it takes to get this clever, ecogeeky book into the viagra from canada hands of herbal levitra millions instead of thousands.  
So, act with me on November 1st.  I'll be there, purchasing Worldchanging, A Users Guide for the 21st Century, and I hope you'll join me.

Bello Mundo Carbon Calculator


Most tools that allow you to calculate your impact on the environment soon ask for non-specific pledges, contact information, and money to offset your impacts on the environment. Well, Bello Mundo ( has created an airline travel carbon calculator that, instead of giving you abstract numbers and asking for monetary offsets, tells you exactly how to change your lifestyle to offset your plane flight.

For example, my recent honeymoon to Italy could easily be offset by BIKING (instead of driving) FOR 16,000 MILES!  OK, maybe that's not a good example.  How about using a CFL for 12,000 hours...that's easy. That's just two bulbs in my house for one year! 

The Bello Mundo calculator actually helps a guy understand what 10,000 kg of carbon dioxide means, and how airline travel relates to car travel and household power use. It makes things seem less abstract making it, in my opinion, a noble and useful tool.


Google Earth Goes Green

googleunepWho doesn't love Google Earth. It's beautiful, it's powerful, it's surprising and interesting.  But now, because of a collaboration with the UN Environment Programme, Google Earth has gone green. Start up your copy and then check the 'featured content' area under layers.  You'll find there a UNEP layer which, if you click, will give you areas all across the world where you can observe the effects of humans on the Earth with satellite imagery. 

The expansion of Las Vegas, the deforestation of the Amazon, the recession of glaciers in Greenland.  Be patient with the loading, as it can take a little while, but this is really powerful stuff.  Every time something a little bit evil comes out of Google, twenty amazing projects like this show up.  In fact, I think there'll be another green announcement from Google later on 36 hour viagra in the day.  So keep your eyes out.
Via NewScientist 

The Breathing Earth: Watch as the World Changes


I know the cheapest tramadol available online figures.  Ever hour of every day, thousands of people are born and over a million tons of carbon dioxide are used.  As for people dying, well, there's a lot of that too, just not as much as there are people being born. 

But David Bleja, a student at Monash University in Melbourne Australia has put together a flash visualization of all of viagra on line pharmacy this and it is riveting.  Load up and watch as carbon dioxide is exhaled, babies are born and people die.  Sometimes it's creepy, to think of the hundreds of lives you've watched snuff out. And then for a while, it was just really scary.  A country flashes red every time it finished producing 1000 tons of CO2.  The US flashes every 5.4 seconds, more than any other country, while you'd have to wait 11 days for Vanatu to flash. 

But, after a while of watching (and really, for a long time I couldn't stop,) I started feeling rather inspired and impressed.  This is what our Earth can handle.  Billions of people doing their thing.  Babies popping out of moms all over, several times per second.  Eyes going dark, tears falling.  People working, and living, and laughing, all a part of eachother's lives.  All unavoidably clueless of things going on just miles away, nevermind on the other side of the earth. 

I often catch myself thinking that the most profound affect of technology on the environment will be to help people understand the truth of levitra for daily use the situation I'm in.  That's what the Breathing Earth does.

The Renewable


Someone has just done a cool thing with Google Earth.   I just can't figure out who that someone is... all I can find out is they have a  parent company, Geosign, that is, according to their website "privately held and highly profitable."

Well, we don't know where the high profit comes in with The Renewable Planet, but we like it a lot.  The site is based on the Google Earth API and is basically a mapping of a ton of renewable energy projects around the world. 

Montana, my state, is a little light on projects (only two, apparently).  But, if I had the inclination, I could add projects to the listing.   And since just about everyone here is talking about biodiesel, I probably wouldn't have a hard time finding some good ones.

The system makes it very easy to submit new projects along with links to project websites and pictures of the project.  It's also really easy to browse projects by location, category, size.  A very cool use of Google Earth.
Via Clean Break 
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